Wednesday, February 23, 2011

KI: Testimony & Curriculum Vitae!

I believe that many of us are having problems regarding this matter. So, I asked and emailed few seniors. Here is a few response, and advices from the seniors; hope this can help you guys to have better view of ideas.

My message to them:

"hey, sorry disturb.

Just wanna ask, how you guys do ur testimony for JPA last time? Your school provide it for you, or u have to do it by yourself? How about curriculum vitae? You do ur own or from ur previous secondary school? Do all of them important? Will effect the U at India?

huh..only today they email us this. registrtion will be next week" 

"hey there..sorry for the late reply..hmm..testimony i got it frm school..but u hv do the translation by urself...curiculum vitae also frm school..but actually this thing its not going to determine ur uni...uni selection wil b very random..all the best..see u in india:p"

"hey man.. testimony was given by my malay i had to translate them to english..along with the other documents in d list..
curriculum vitae...i did it myself ..
basically..i dun think jpa looks into all these things..its just required when u register on the 1st day in india..the university requirements..
the placement of students in the universities are quite random:)
haha..feel free to ask me anything la..i'll help if i can
God bless:) and have fun in ki~!"

"hey..sorry for the late reply..had a dinner with encik khairudin just now..u'll noe who he is when u reach india..he's d guy taking care of all the students in india..
the cv last time..they asked us to limit to 1 page..i can email u my sample if you want..just send me ur email add..i'll give it to u after my class tmrw"

 "testimony tu surat akuan sekolah. minta dr school la. curriculum vitae kena buat sendiri. Tdk juga important tu. they will just give the placements at random. Still semua docs mesti ada la. Sya masih ada translated sample kalu ko mau. sya blh email la" 

Daniel Chong
"Testimony is from school. But curiculum vitae is buat sendiri one. Just google how to write a CV la, or follow the JPA email draft... I don't think it will affect anything.." 

And here is some extra 
information and advices from Miss Syaza 

1.If your School Testimonial is type at the same piece of paper together with surat berhenti sek...just taip surat berhenti sek mcm biasa
but, make sure u explain to KTT/JPA that yr school testimoni n surat berhenti is the same.

2.Your Passport,If Possible do Bring, If couldnt,Then KTT will arrange for us.

...3.Your Blazer
DONT do the BLAZER before coming KTT,.KTT will arrange a slot where You all will have tailor & measure there.JPA will sponsor that.

4.When class on (KI), dont ponteng,movement will be reported back to JPA.If you sick and have other issue coming up, come up with Formal Letter,give it to penyelaras KI.

KI - has exam 1,2 and final..this is mandatory...u cannot change it
all of yr result will post to JPA

Please Pass the Message.
Thank you . =)
-Miss Syaza

P/S: Will add and share more info if I got any. God Bless!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Surat Tawaran Mengikuti Kursus Intensif Program Khas India

To all KI students:
This is the Surat Tawaran Mengikuti Kursus Intensif Program Khas India.

We'll receive the Information Letter during KI Registration on 28 February 2011.
Faruqi emailed this to me, so maybe you guys can click and read the information given:

Monday, February 21, 2011

JPA (Scholarship)

To all SPM 2010 candidates (or anyone who wish to apply for JPA Scholarship):

You guys can click this link,
and open JPA website to apply for a scholarship, online.

Always get updated,
or check the website for further notice and announcement.

This is how I applied mine last time.

All the best!
God Bless You All.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

KI? Goodbye Sabah!

Everyone is talking about KI.  
When is it actually?

I messaged Miss Syairah, and she said that Mr. Razib told her that KI should be on 28th February 2011. But, she don't want to spread the news yet because JPA haven't give them a confirmation.

28th February 2011???

I have another 13 more days left!!!

It makes me feel sad, suddenly. Because, I'm leaving Sabah again, all my friends here and especially my family! So, I posted Goodbye in my FB Status as a sign of leaving soon to all my friends. When I looked back my days that were spent here, I enjoyed myself too much. Having fun as a teenager, or as a young youth. But after this, I won't be able to have such a great happiness as a teenager anymore (maybe).

I'm going back to KTT for Language Course, or Kursus India. And will be focusing on my study and career as a young medical student a.k.a doctor (seriously)!

"I don't want to disappoint all of them,
who support and hoping for the best on me."

P/S: Goodbye my friends. I miss the time we spent and hangout with all of you!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Youth Revolution & Konsert Rohani

Last week, I was tremendously tired and of course busy.

Let me recall my schedule:

31 January (Monday):
Novena & Practice for Concert

2 February (Wednesday):
Novena & Practice for Concert

3 February (Thursday):
Novena, Gotong-Royong, Practice for Concert and proceed with Concert rehearsal.

4 February (Friday):
Stayed at Church for Youth Revolution Programme
5 February (Saturday):
Youth Revolution Programme & Concert Performance

6 February (Sunday):
Youth Revolution Closing Ceremony

You might be asking: 
What is the Youth Revolution Programme? 
What is about the Concert?

The idea of that Youth Revolution Programme came from my experience and exposure at KTT: Campus Revolution. I remember the moment when I told all my CF Committees that:

"Here (in KTT), we learnt about leadership. Our faith have been challenged! But remember, we are not only serve here! I really hope to see you guys as a leader (or at least: serving) at your place."

Hey there: Edwin Loh, Joyner, Sophia, Mark, Gavin Man, Ricky Rack, Willy, Melzie, Gebby, Victor, and Ling Chieng Jiun. How are you guys doing there? I believe that all of you are still with the cross (responsibility) that God has given us to pass it on. Don't give up!

I've promised to my Youth Advicer: Christina to do something for the youth during my holiday. Thanks God, I did! And, I thank you very-very much to KBP Induk, Youth Revolution Team, KSB and TPBP, not forgotton to those who involved in this programme because you guys made it a success!

Youth Revolution is Our First Youth Activity this year (under KBP). To recall, recharge and renew. To polish youth's hidden talent, and to expose them with Bible, developing and increasing their faith, and at the same time, to help them to develop a good attitude, socially. Our greatest challenge is the 'Revolution' itself. But within 3 days, we managed to revolutionalise them physically, socially and of course spiritually. Maybe not all, but at least we have opened the door, and help them to make their first step out from their comfort zone.
Thanks God.

During Concert: 

We had many talented youth in musics and art. They can play musics instrument, and sing very very well! So, during the programme, we tried our best to polish the unpolished, and help them to develop their self esteem and confident level.

I performed 10 songs: Yesus, Celebrate Jesus Celebrate, Tiba Saat, One Way, Dalamnya KasihMu, Mengejar HadirMu, Shout to the Lord, Alleluai To Christ the Lord, How Great is Our God, and Shine Like Stars with my awesome friends and talented singer: Donna Benedict and Rachelle Ann on stage, live! Not forgotten the band: Melldry Mikin (Keyboard), Firminus (Drum), Davey Dennis (Bass Guitar), Ronald Reggie (Lead Guitar) and Walter Lampangoh (Acoustic Guitar). Superb Emcee: Baxter Collin, and So You Think You Can Dance dancers: Nestor, Florina, Mechelvia, Mitchelle Fay, Marsheline and Eldora.

Even though we were tired, no more voice, lack of sleep and busy: but we had such a great experience that night!