Monday, August 15, 2011

Greetings from India

Long time I didn’t update this blog. My apologize for it.
Anywhere, I’m supposed to be at JSS Medical College Mysore (which will be flying tomorrow).
But there is somehow & somewhere, which destined me to fly on the 27 July, to SDUMC Kolar India!

What should I say?
From a castle to a jungle?
Well, when you come to SDUMC Kolar, your first impression will be like:
“This is the worst place for medical student to be sent at India.”

Haha. Don’t worry, cause it is real and normal. 
However, when time goes by, you gonna say:
“OMD, this is not bad!”

So, the moral is:
Don't expect to high.

And little by little, I’m loving Kolar!
It is unique.

The weather is nice!

The foods:
OMD. Sadapp bah. And they are cheap!!

The lecturers:
The best!

The seniors:
Nothing I can say, but they are the most caring and helpful!

The hostel:
Awesome (you are staying in a ‘hotel’ every day. Because, the hostel is 95% like a hotel. Hehe)

The Post-Graduate students:
They are strict (bikin takut ne). But if you ask them question, face to face, OMD, they are very niceeee.

There are monkeys everywhere. 
But don’t worry, they are adorable (somehow, I don’t like the monkeys!)

The Church?!
Kor-In Church. Korean-India.
It’s not a catholic church.
Catholic church is far from my college. 
And they use kannada language, not english.
But, wherever you go, faith and heart is counted.
6 of us are going to this Church: Me, Hillary, Gavin Yap, Gebby, Gugapriya & Manpreet!

I bought bicycle! Price. Rs4000. Or, about Rm280. Cheap right? But, that’s among the high quality bicycle here. People will be looking at you and your bicycle if you are cycling with it (Nampak bergaya gitu).

There are a lot here! 
And the smells are like: euwww. 
I love cadaver!

Life is busy here.
Every minute is like a gold (masa itu emas).
So, don’t waste your time! Hehe.

(Joanna Han & 1 more senior got DISTINCTION for their first year examination). 
Only 3 got distinction. 2 Malaysian, and only 1 local student!
Such a great inspiration.

P/S: Will update more when I have time to blog :)