Saturday, July 9, 2011

Volunteering & Studio Offer?!

Hey, long time I didn't update my blog.

Anywhere, now I'm busy as a Volunteer Assistant at Jaringan Orang Asal SeMalaysia (JOAS) office. I'm flying on the 16th of August this year to Mysore India to further my study in medicine. People (my friends) might be busy preparing for their flight, which is very-very soon. Me?! Haha.

JOAS is a company which is basically to protect Indigenous Peoples rights. The Indigenous Peoples Network of Malaysia or Jaringan Orang Asal Se-Malaysia (JOAS) is the umbrella network for 21 community-based non-governmental organisations that have indigenous peoples’ issues as the focus. As the focal point for indigenous rights and advocacy in Malaysia, JOAS provides the indigenous communities with representation not just nationally but regionally and internationally as well.

Basically, now I'm busy for the preparation of Sambutan Perayaan Hari Orang Asal Sedunia (PHOAS) national level, which will be held at KDCA Cultural Village Penampang Sabah, from 5th to 9th August 2011.

Why I joined this volunteering thing? First of all, I want to maximize my time here with many activities, which for sure can expose me to new things, and thus gaining new experiences. 

Next, actually I'm very interested in joining like MERCY organization to help people out there. So, by having new experiences working as a volunteer at JOAS, I hope I can gain more experiences and make use of it in the future.

Life is getting much more busy after I got an offer from PUSAKAG to get involve in their new music video shooting. OMD, I feel like a celebrity now. But I think, I will reject this offer. Better give to other people who need more.

This is one of their music production (among my favourite duet songs):

P/S: Thanks to Christina David for giving me many opportunity to discover more about life. Live your life's purpose, then you can see others too. GBU.

Sunday, July 3, 2011


Now only I'm able to take my rest after a week of hectic and busy days!
Youth Activity this week is ticked done!
Bolehlah saya menghela nafas panjang sekarang.
After I came back from KL last few days, 
only today I'm able to switch on my laptop, online, and rest.

One more thing,
I've reactivated my Facebook Account.

P/S: Wanna sleep early, and wake up late tomorrow. God Bless!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Morning at KLIA!

Semalam post pasal: Night at KLIA.
Sekarang, post pula pasal: Morning at KLIA.
Dah banyak masa terluang, so mem'blog sajalah kerja.

What to blog about arr? Erm. Well, still remember my previous post about: Thinking of getting a Girlfriend?

There are 3 things (in my opinion) that a guy should have/get before they plan to be in a relationship.
What are they?!
- Having a stable job/career.
- Get your own money, please!
- Can drive a car.

Haha. I got my driving licence! 
(Yesss, two more to go. LoL)

Erm. I'm thinking to dye my hair. That colour!!
So that, I look more mature (is it?!)

But my mom doesn't really allow me. LoL. Mom, I'm 20 okay!! But still, I respect her advices. I'm such an obedient son! Pendiam lagi pemalu. Opss. Though I'm 20, but I didn't look like 20 kan? Kan kan?? I think, I can even disguise myself (successfully) to be known as someone around 15 or 16!

Drinking alcoholic drinks is not a tradition, but it is a lifestyle.
When I'm in my kampung, they always give me that kind of drinks. 
But, saya tolak dengan nada sopan. Hehe.

But now, after I reached 20, my uncle adviced me:
Somehow, I need to learn how to drink that kind of drinks,
so that I can get along with the 'lifestyle' and many more reasons.
What is my opinion about this??

Some people said that drinking alcoholic drinks is not good.
YES, I agree. But if only they can't manage their drinking.
You have to be a smart drinker.
Somehow, drinking alcoholic drinks does have its own benefit if we are mature enough to control, to manage and to plan how far we want to go (drinking).

And I believe, if most people have this kind of attitude, drinking can be a good lifestyle, and yes, can strengthen your relationship with others (new friends). BUT, if you cannot control or manage yourself: BETTER DON'T TRY IT!!! And strictly speaking here: Budak-budak yang masih sekolah ataupun bawah umur, PLEASE don't!

P/S: This is just my opinion about it. Maybe you have different perspective, because of your different lifestyle, beliefs, and surrounding. There is no such thing called: perfectly right or wrong. So, mind to share or discuss.

Night at KLIA!

Now, it is 3.41am.
And, I'm at KLIA!
Staying overnight with Navanya & Aathitiyaa.
I'm suppose to be alone,
but they came to accompany me.

I'm connected to the KLIA Wifi,
But cannot connect to Facebook, 
YM, Skype and even Malaysian Airlines Website!

Navanya and Aathitiyaa is sleeping now, in front of me.
Pity on them, but thats show how a true friend is.
Such great friends!

There are many more people sleeping around here.
And there is a group of family eating KFC now!
Not KFC Breakfast, okay!!

Tomorrow, my Youth Activity will be started at 3.00pm.
And during that time, I will just come back from KL!
No sleep. Die la.

During our Pre-Departure Briefing,
Tengku Farah (JPA Officer) announced that 
we will be flying to Mysore on the 16 August!!

 P/S: Byebye Malaysia! St. Philomena, here I come!!!