Saturday, October 10, 2009

Youth.God Server.Futur Doctor

I believe that everything in life happened for reasons. He has his own plans towards our journey of life. Success, failure, happiness, sadness and etc. Most of us do not understand about the plan. And most of us do not believe that He had planned the wonderful things in our life. We keep on blaming, giving up and saying that we have a bad luck! But, it is us to decide, how we are going to handle it. If we handle it properly, at the end of our life, we will realise that how wonderful and beautiful it is.

I like blogging because that is one of the way how I can share His plan in my life to those who do not realise how beautiful the life is. So, I have changed my purpose of blogging from writing non-sense to sharing the greatest sense of life. This is the journey of life as a youth, a God Server and a future doctor.

I still remember during my exposure programme under JPA Scholarship in medical course at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Kota Kinabalu, Sabah in the end of March, 2009. Most of the doctors discourage us to become a doctor.

“If you want to become a doctor just because of the title, money, glamorous
and being respect by others, forget it!”

“You will lose your life when you become a doctor!”

“Your life is in the hospital!”

Those are are their words to us. Discouraging right? Among 30 of the candidates for JPA Scholars during the exposure programme, I heard a lot of them depressed by the reality of becoming a doctor. For me, you want to lose your life? Of course not! I want to enjoy and enjoy and enjoy!!! But, then I realised something that inspiring me. What is the purpose for you to live? And what is my purpose in life??? I realised that happiness, glamorous and all that people compete to grab are nothing as compared to serving people, helping them, sharing the words of God and the joy of His love. Those are my purpose of life as youth, God Server and a doctor.

But, I tell you, it is not easy if you do not understand His plan in your life. You will give up, fed up and just become crazy!!! That was me before. But I try to figure out, solve His puzzle and investigate His plan. Wow..then, I believe that everything happen for reasons.

I am a youth. I am a God Server. And, I am a future doctor. I am the Christian Fellowship (CF) President and I am the Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar (MPP) Vice President. Why??? Honestly, I try to run away from all those things. But, it was just happened. And the same question came; why, why and why??? And, the answer is just the same; everything happened for reasons. That is a part of His plan in our journey of life.

I ask you, can you live for 2 weeks with lack of sleep, lack of eats, tiredness, no time for fun, no time for relaxing, no time for everything? As a student, are you happy to live without focus in class, feel sleepy and tired when you lecturer is teaching, cannot understand everything? You come to the class with zero in your mind, and finish it with nothing improved? That was just happened to me within the two weeks. I wake up every day around 7.00am, went for morning prayer until 8.00am, work hard to finish my assignments (extremely hard to finished it especially when I don’t know everything), went to class until evening, and rushing for dance practise. Sometimes I don’t take my dinner or bath just because of no time for that (really timeless). Lunch? Usually, no lunch, just digesting food to gain energy from my breakfast. At night, I have to handle CF practise or CF night, assignments, dance practise, MPP events etc etc! After that, at 11.00pm, I have to come and lead the Rosary Prayer with my catholic friends. And usually sleep around 1.00-2.00am. Then, continue my daily routine as usual. I’m tired!!!

Why all of these things happened to me??? Well youth, I got my strength by prayer (being with God). With God, I understand that this is his perfect plan to me. I thankful to Him of experiencing these things within 2 weeks in my life. I realised that life as a doctor is just like this. No time for everything, except for your responsibilities. It was such a tough weeks for me. Really, I meant it! But, I don’t want to give up! Because what I suffered now is nothing as compared to the glory that He will reveal to me later (Rom 8:18). I have my responsibilities as a medical student. I have my responsibilities as a MPP vice president (at the same time, learning how people lead others). I have my responsibilities as a CF President (bringing my friends to be closer to God, share the love and the words of Him).

“Thanks God for all those things (experiences). Because, I believe that those things will strengthen me. And, build up my maturity towards reflecting my journey of life as a youth, God Server and a future doctor. Amen!”

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

St. Theresa Feast Day

On 2nd and 4th of October were the celebration days of St. Theresa. There were a lot of events planned by the organizer of St. Theresa Chapel, Nilai Church such as Rosary, Lavena and also Mass. On the 3rd of October, we were having a gathering after mass. There were a lot of performances by the College Students from Nilai University College, INTI College and also my college, KTT.

Talking about the performance, we (KTT) performed a dance that I named it Cultural Contemporary Ethnic Creative Dance from Borneo Students. It consists of Sumazau, Bidayuh, Murut, Iban, what else arr..huh..forgot already. A lot of ethnic creative movement. But, it was unique and awesome! The dancers are: Maegyvear, Ricky, Eric, Via, Michelle and also Karen. We used the Kadazan traditional customs that we managed to brought from Sabah during Hari Raya Aidilfitri Holiday. The main choreography is Willy (thanks yaa), helped by Michelle and me myself. How was it??? Haha..firstly, I’m not satisfied 100% with the performance because of the PA System problems. But, after I heard the comments and audiences’ opinion about it, especially from international students and outsider, I am proud to be the dancers! Haha..well, some of them said that, “I want more!!!!”. Next time la ya...Here I uploaded a few pictures during the dance. Enjoy it!

Welcome to St. Theresa Feast Day Celebration

The dancers: Maegyvear, Michelle, Ricky, Karen, Eric & Via

Keayuan sumandak Sabah

Taking picture with the youngers

Monday, October 5, 2009

Month Of Rosary

“Among the devotion approved by the Church, none have been so favoured by so many miracles as the Holy Rosary”
Pope Pius IX 1849

October is a month of Rosary. Pope Pius IX 1849 said that "Among the devotion approved by the Church none have been so favoured by so many miracles as the Holy Rosary". I have been here in KTT for around 3 months already. What have I done with my Rosary??? Yes, I brought my Rosary to the KTT. And sometimes, I recite the prayer alone in my room. But, I never do the prayer in a group or together with other Catholic friends.

However, tonight I managed to bring my friends to do Rosary together. For the first time, I’ve planned to have it separately with the girls because I can’t find the suitable place and time for us to gather and do the prayer. But, I’ve told them to do as what we have planned to do. Hopefully, they manage to do it. Erm..we were having the Rosary for the first time at Eric’s apartment: 9-3-A2 and there were nine of us who came and joined the prayer (Maegyvear, Mark, Bosco, Ricky, Eric, Joeffrey, Gavin Yap, Gavin Man and also, surprisingly: Dennie. Dennie is not catholic. But, he came and joined us. Thanks Pukberess’s President (Dennie).

I leaded the Rosary prayer and after reciting the prayer, wow..I can feel the peace and the love that we shared by the words in the prayer! Especially when it comes to Gavin Man's turn to recite the Fifth Mystery: The Coronation of Our Lady as Queen of Heaven and Earth. Thanks Gavin! Here are some pictures that I managed to take just before and after the prayer.

After the Rosary, we have planned to have it again for every Thursday (Luminous Mysteries), Friday (Sorrowful Mysteries), Saturday (Joyful Mysteries) and Sunday (Glorious Mysteries). And, I will discuss with the girls later when we are going to have the combine Rosary Prayer ya. Ok, God Bless you all!!!