Sunday, June 27, 2010


Welcome To KTT, Juniors!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Being a leader

 One of my stick notes pasted on the wall, in front of my study table.

Some idea for leaders out there,

Sometimes, your team won't realize that what you did on them is actually building up your teamwork. Although they didn't realize it, never mind. Continue doing the right thing in a proper way. At the end, when you are no longer with them, they will realize that you have actually teach them many values and leadership skills.

As a leader:
1. Give the opportunity for your team to lead.
2. Give the opportunity for your team to speak.
3. Give the opportunity for your team to give ideas.
4. Give the opportunity for your team to learn their mistakes.
5. Give the opportunity for your team to experience different skills of leadership technique.

Do you thing you are a good leader? For me, the greatest leader is not those who have a lot of money, who have many girlfriend/boyfriend, who have superb physical appearance, who win a lot of title, who can speak fluently in English, who can solve many problems, or even make a lot of achievement in the team. But, the greatest leader is those who have the ability to train other people to become a new, future leader. (Salut!)

To be continued...

Friday, June 25, 2010

Juniors coming to KTT

Statement of the day:

"Roughly 260 students coming to KTT next week.
Roughly 215 non-muslim students.
Roughly _____number of christian students will be joining CF next week."

Wow! Large number of juniors coming. Can't wait to see and meet them all. Majority are Chinese and Indian.  The number or female students are also more than male students. Come on, awesome batch of juniors! Orientation week starts this coming monday.

Seniors, be ready!

MPP, breathe in and out normally ya.

God bless.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


I just realised, my friends list in Facebook reach 1000 already! Yay. A lot of them I reject actually. Hehe. Why? Because, I only approved those known people like my friends, college-mates, etc etc. 

For those unknown? I will message them first: Thanks for the request. By the way, who is this? If they answer me; I simply add you, meaning, status: rejected! Or, if they reply me; I saw your profile in my friend's list, meaning, status: KIV.

Why I'm doing this? For sure, it is not because I'm 'sombong' or what, but, it just that I hate people messing up my Facebook, especially those unknown people. Hehe.

However, yeah! I reached 1000!!

P/S: Tolonglah jangan menyemak lagi dlm FB saya kalau pasal benda yang remeh-temeh!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Take Note!

I have a lot of homework and assignment given by lecturers in this week

I'm having difficulties to wake up early in the morning.

My housemate bought a new wok. Now we can cook in our apartment, and I'm going to become their tutor for cooking lessons.

I'm addicted to green apples!


I've realised something.
I am 19!

Oh my goodness. I'm too playful. (I think so). Can someone (please) remind or tell me whether I'm doing good or not? But for me, I'm not doing good. I have to change. And be a changer.

My Top 3 things that I would like to change (become better):
1. Do not talk much (especially the non-sense things)
2. Do not play much.
3. Do not go out (outing) much.

I've admitted. Yesterday (Tuesday), I played, acted and talked immaturely. Wake up!! Time to be serious! People are looking at you. And, they are judging you. They are criticizing you. You are the CF President. MPP Vice President!

I'm sorry to those CF Committee if I didn't show a good example (especially in my daily/routine life). I'm sorry to Susu (CF ex-President) for having this mistakes.


The Captainball yesterday reminded me a lot about this thing. 

By the way, we make some changes regarding captainball. Every Tuesday is CF Captainball. A game for fellowship and friendship. We will start with prayer before the games started. 

Learn this:  
"If you want to change, be serious. If you want to make a change, do it will all your heart." Maegyvear.

Good Bless.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My First Day in Class after holiday

Yesterday (monday), I arrived KTT roughly around 12.00pm. Then, I slept until 2.30pm because at 3.00pm, I've promised my friends to join them to Alamanda.  Huh. My flight (monday) is at 7.25am. But, I slept late and have to wake up very early that morning.  I'm very tired!

Today, I set my alarm at 6.50am so that I can come for Campus Revolution and Morning Prayer. But, I switch off the alarm, and chose to continue my sleep. I woke up again at 8.15am. My first class suppose to be from 8.00am to 10.00am. Physics class. But because I late already, so I've decided not to attend the class. Arggh!

Maybe because I was too tired and lack of sleep/rest. Nevermind la. I promised not to do it again. I felt very guilty for myself. My first day and my first class, which is not that good!

Now is my last semester in KTT. I realise that A2 syllabus is not that easy. Plus, we have around 4 months to finish all the syllabus. And, I took 4 subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics. Meaning that, we are accelerating, and will be very busy (I think so, and very sure about it). 

So, I'm sorry to all my friends if I don't reply (or late reply) their messages, comments or any questions via phone, email or facebook. If I have extra leisure time, then I will respond them.

God Bless.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

My Last, Sunday

Today is Sunday. My last day of Sunday (in holiday). Huhu. A bit sad, because I have to go back college and start my class tomorrow. The most painful point is, when I have to leave my family, friends and all the environment here. I love Sabah so much! 1 week holiday is really not enough for me. Still want to do a lot more thing here.

Today is my last day of holiday. I need to spend it wisely. Manage every single seconds preciously so that I won't regret of not doing what I've planned to do.

Okay, I'll update later. I have to go now, check up!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Mask

I want people to know and understand that I have many masks. I'm not hypocrite, but, I could say that I have a lot of character. To be in different medium, atmosphere and environment, I have to keep on changing my mask. So, I am the Mask.

People won't agree if I say that I am very pendiam and pemalu. (Don't try to argue). But yes, I am  very pendiam and pemalu. Especially when I'm in a new environment. (Ask people la. Or try to observe yourself). But once I can breathe in and out normally within that environment, then, I can be too playful, and crazy too. (Haha).

I can act like a sissy guy. (Yes). And, I can pretend acting as a soft guy, so that I can squeeze into the environment and medium I've entered. For me, hanging out with soft guys are enjoyable, funny and I enjoy myself too. Because, they have the ability to become the entertainer. But, I am very sure that I am not a soft guy. Very sure! Playful? Childish? I think, those words are the right words to be used.

I am playful. I can be a 'gay' person, or even being as menyampah person by acting like a 'cute-cute' guy. Then, people might think that I am a gay (oh my goodness), or memang menyampah. Please stop judging people! Hehe. That's why I always say: Don't judge the book by its cover. By the way, I have some known gay friends. I'm okay hanging out or being their friend. But once they 'fall in love', get attracted, or last come to worst; trying to get into homosexual relationship, I will totally hate them, and if possible: I want to kill them! Yes, I admit here, I've experience being in those situation. (I'm not shy to share or confess here as I know that I am not a gay). What I did? I ran away from them. And, almost kill some of them.

I can 'jaga hati' people professionally. (Really, professionally). You might wont understand what I mean here, but yes, I can jaga people's heart. Professionally! Haha. I will just agree or accept what they said, what they do, what they trying to prove, but deep inside me, I am laughing and saying "perasannya orang ne! Tidak apa, jaga hati sajalah".

But, those people who really understand and hang-out with me for such a long time, they know that, although I am very playful, and childish, but I am very-very, very SERIOUS type of person, and I can say that I am very STRICT guy too! (Terkejut?) Yes. I am very strict. Especially to those who I care, and I love.

Kalau saya tak sayang, or tak kisah, ahh, lantaklah kamu. Suka hatilah kamu nak buat apa.

P/S: It has been a long time already I've planned to write about this topic. But this time, I got inspired after I saw Daniel's status in Facebook: My junior boys from Sabah and Sarawak are soft. (Sorry Daniel). The purpose is, just to let them know who I am (and maybe, to defend myself too). Haha. Daniel's status is subjective, and it is plural. So, I just being defensive right now before thing become worst. Maybe it is my mistakes too for being over acting until people might categorized me into that group. But, please lah!


A-level 1.5 Students are having their holiday from 12 June until 20 June. Me too! Haha. Ya, but my holiday is different. Still holidaying myself here in Sabah, but at the same time, gaining new experiences serving in my church. I told my CF committees to restore, relax, recharge and come back to KTT with a new fresh face with a new fresh idea. As do I, sambil menyelam minum air.

Last night, Christina (KBP Advicer) asked me to join them in a meeting. So, I came. Glad to say that a lot of new face I met last night. Praise the Lord! First, they discussed about the activities planned. Then, they came to a recollection and reflecting session in which Christina asked me to lead. Oh my goodness, at first I am worried. Because I'm not really prepared. But, I prayed deep inside me. Asking God to give me wisdom. Then, we did it. And, I can say that we did it successfully. Most of them said that they are not wasting their time as they learnt a lot that night. Even the new, fresh youth said so. So, I'm glad. Good job too to the KBP Committees.

Well, even though I'm only in church (here in my hometown) just in 1 week, but there is a lot of thing I have to do. Tomorrow is thursday: Choir Practice for Sunday. Friday: They asked me to play keyboard during Prayer Meeting. Saturday: Choir Practice. Sunday: From 7.00am until 6.00pm I need to represent KBP for youth conference. Then, still on sunday, after the conference, I'm in choir for Sunday Mass Service. That are my activities (serving in church) during my holiday.

Yesterday, I went out with my two brothers. Younger brothers. I spent them having lunch at KFC, but a lot of thing, shopping and, we went to library! Yeah! Haha. I brought them there so that they can have a good time reading books. And, I'm glad when they are happy!

I love my family.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Birthday Analysis

Someone analyzed my date of birthday and post it in my Facebook. And, it sounds like this:
"This is your analyzed result.
Your Life, Although you are on the quiet side, but you enjoy excitement and changes. Routine is something you cannot stand. Because of your extreme confidence, you hardly ask others for opinion. You believe in leading your own life, and you have got the gift in doing so. Your Love, Nothing can stop you from making progress in your love life. Once you are in love, you feel the ownership of your lover. A third party can only makes your jealousy becomes worse."
Haha. LoL.
Btw, as what I know; saya seorang yang sangat pendiam dan pemalu! Yes, I am. Regarding the analysis result, my CF ex-president once told me that I am a very confident person. Ya, maybe. Hehe. I don't know. But I like to hear others opinion. However, the only opinion that I can accept is those who able to reach my expectation or, in other words, out of my idea. About love, haha. No comment. I don't have experience, and I am very innocent. ^_^

Monday, June 14, 2010


They are complicated!

P/S: My simplest post! Yeah!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Results: KTT Kaamatan Awards (KKA) 2010

On 12 May 2010, I received a lot of nomination for the 10 Awards of KKA 2010. On behalf of the Committee and Team (C&T), I'm apologizing for the late results due to such a competitive criteria judged. Panel of judges are having difficulties to judge most of the awards because the voting percentage and great resume from the nominees! And now, here is the results!

Sugandoi (Singing) 2010:
-Ricky Rack
-Edwin Loh
-Shin Chian
-Gavin Man

Ricky Rack

Most Photogenic Award
-Kueh Sui Seng
-Nurul Faezah
-Maegyvear Pimid
-Edwin Loh
-Michelle Debbie
-Doris Hoo
-Jin Xiang

Maegyvear Pimid

Most Friendly Award
-Mark Noel
-Ricky Rack
-Ahmad Faruqi

Ricky Rack

Best Personality (via trademark) Award
-Edwin (Angelina Jolie’s Lips)
-Amy Lynette (Lagy Gaga)
-Eric (Ju-on)
-Ricky Rack (Fabulous)
-Ahmad Faruqi (Obama)
-Albert How Seng (Peace)
-Kueh Sui Seng (Big smile)
-Ricky Rack (Korean)
-Willy (So you think you can dance)
-Dennie (Dogo-dogo)

Eric Fenandez (Ju-on)

Most Eco-Friendly Award
-Ahmad Faruqi
-Lui Jin Xiang
-Tan Zhe Yan
-Yu Zheng
-Maegyvear Pimid
-Munirah Ibrahim

Tan Zhe Yan

Best Energizer Fitness Award
-Victor Lian
-Maegyvear Pimid
-Foo Ru Ren
-Reginald Valentino
-Ahmad Faruqi
-Melissa Nuah

Maegyvear Pimid

(Celcom/Digi/Maxis) Most Popular Award - Eric Fenandez
- Gavin Yap
- Dennie Didit
- Reginald Valentino
- Ahmad Faruqi
- Mark Noel
- Edwin Loh
- Daniel Chong 

Ahmad Faruqi

Best Intelligence Quotient: IQ Award
- Tan Loon Han
- Nagato Yuki a.k.a Gavin Yap
- Lui Jin Xiang
- Idris (Mara Student) 
Tan Loon Han

Crowning Glory Award
-Amy Lynette (Green Christmas Gown)
-Ling Chieng Jiun (All Red Baju Kurung)
-Shana Annabell (Red Christmas Gown)
-Gebriellae Dass (Fabulous Hair)
-Michelle Debbie (Kadazan Traditional Costume)

Amy Lynette (Green Christmas Gown)

Grand Unduk Ngadau KTT 2010 Award:
Michelle Debbie


Friday, June 11, 2010


I have deleted my Friendster Account! No more Friendster profile.
Because now, I'm actively using Facebook.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Campus Work!

7.15am. I woke up. Very excited, because today we are going to do Campus Revolution Work! Yeah! I waited for John. And, came down around 7.30am. I went down and saw many of the campus revolutionaries were waiting there. Guess what? Today we did help the Makcik Cleaners in our Campus to clean the college (mopping the floor).

They can't believe that we are doing this. They said, "Are you sure?", "Nanti sakit tangan", "Biarlah kami yang buat, kami dah biasa". But yet, still we helped then. (Aik, hello makcik, jangan pandang rendah ya. I worked in KFC for 4 months. I got PHD in mopping the floor already. Haha.). LoL.

So, the guys helped the cleaners to mop the floor, and the girls prepared the breakfast. Oh ya, we gave the cleaners food for breakfast also. And, they are speechless. Only thank you came out from their mouth. And, I believe, they have more to say inside their heart. But, thank you is only the word they could say. And yet, their smiles prove everything. Eric, Willy, Edwin, Ricky, Mark, Joeffery and Me mop the floor, while Sophia, Judith, Kwan Tsien, Melzie, Ling and Doris prepared the breakfast. Yay! This is fun!

And ya, we did mop the floor excellently! The cleaners satisfied with our works, and we ourselves satisfied more than that. Actually now is my study and revision time, but yet, I'm very excited to blog about this.

Today I learnt something new and refreshing. This morning was so beautiful and wonderful when I had the fellowship with my friends, together in prayer, and together in blessings people. I felt that this life is better and peaceful when I have God inside me. Seriously! Comparatively, my life without God is empty and tremendously boring. Well, the experience is more than this words.

 KTT is very small.
But the love and fellowship is bigger than what you can imagine. 
We can make a change, and be the World Changer.

More pictures inside my Facebook, and KTT CF group. Update ya!

Unduk Ngadau

Unduk Ngadau is a beauty pageant held during Kaamatan in Sabah, Malaysia. The word comes from 'Runduk Tadau' which literally means 'the girl crowned by sunlight'. The Unduk Ngadau, or Harvest Festival queen, symbolizes Huminodun, the sacrificed daughter of Kinorohingan. It is also believed that she is the first who taught the Bobohizan their ritual mantras, which exist to this today.

Unduk Ngadau is not only judged based on their beauty, but also their costume, personality,  knowledge and IQ Test. So, the winner will always be the best among the best. Full package!

Unduk Ngadau 2009 State Level Result

From left to right:
4th Runner-up: Jacqueline Joseph (Keningau), 2nd Runner-up: Joanne Kimberley J Majalap (Penampang), Unduk Ngadau 2009: Appey Rowenna Januin (Papar), Pearl Dianne Petrus (DBKK – Kota Kinabalu), 3rd Runner-up: Flina Rutum (Tamparuli)

Unduk Ngadau Sabah 2009: Miss Appey Rowenna Januin (Papar)

For 2010 Unduk Ngadau Result
From left to right:
1st Runner-up: Rochelle (Penampang), Unduk Ngadau 2010 Crystal Eve (Tanjung Aru), 2nd Runner-up: Lydia John Alai (DBKK Kota Kinabalu)

Unduk Ngadau Sabah 2010: Miss Crystal Eve (Tanjung Aru)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

New Post

Huh. I'm boring. That's why I'm blogging.

Well, I just finished my Physics Lab Session just now. It was so tough (not that tough actually), but, can be considered as tough. However, I  managed to finish it. And, i think (hopefully), I can get a good mark for that. Yeah! I finished my last paper for this week. My next paper will be Physics Paper 2 and Chemistry Paper 1 on Wednesday and Thursday respectively. Then, balik kampung.

Erm. Actually, I've planned to study after the exam today. But, after I ate, I slept! Haha. Daily routine. I woke up around 4.15pm, and planning to study. But then, I saw both my housemate playing computer games. I don't think I can focus. So, I'm blogging. Hehe.

Tomorrow will be a busy and  pack day for me. I have to study and finish my revision. Maybe, I can't attend Miss Izzati's (my IELTS Lecturer) wedding day on Saturday. I'm sorry. Because, I'm playing keyboard at church this week! Yeah! So, I've chose to offer my time in choir practise at church, and (terpaksa) sacrifice my time to Miss Izzati's wedding day.

By the way, Selamat Pengantin Baru Miss Izzati!

P/S: 7 more days to finish AS Level Examination. And roughly, 9 more days before my flight to Sabah!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I told no one about this; except Willy, Ricky, Edwin, Father Michael, Christina (KBP) and my sister (and also Ling). I don't care anymore what other people will think about me. I don't care anymore in what reputation I am being. I don't care anymore of satisfying others, but not myself. They might be saying "What? Such a very irresponsible leader!". Or maybe it sounds like this, "No heart. Nevermind". - Wah. Such a nice introduction of mine.

If I kept on thinking about what people think about me, I will surely die now. But I took the first step to think and care about myself (which is for sure very hard FOR ME, in the first place, because I don't like to hurt people's heart). And now I understand more about this: take care of yourself.

I told Willy. I will take around 1 week rest, or maybe more, if I'm still weak and need more time. So, I did. More than 2 weeks rest. And I can share a lot of thing what I'm going through during that 2 weeks in rest of serving. And now, I am fully (mostly) recharged. And, ready to serve again. My wine is full, and it taste awesome!  Praise the Lord for that.

At least, if I didn't take the first step to ask for rest, or, if I kept on thinking other people's perception on me, I might be serving with no heart, without the right purpose, and last come to worst, I will might be as one of my friend, who run away from all this thing.

Let me tell you about this friend of mine so that you can have a better picture of it. He served in church. A lot! And for such a long time. People in that church started to depend on him. Every week I saw him serving. He is a very quiet person who didn't talk much and just kept thing inside him. (As do it). Then one day, he tried to ask for rest. But people around him do not care much about the request. They kept on asking him to serve in church. He did. But after he kept the request for such a long time, it built up, and become worse: he ran away. His wine is totally empty. It is tasteless and sour (not in a good way). He run away. And, I heard, he live in not a christian way anymore (not sure about this). He involved in a lot of social issues. And, THIS IS TERRIFYING me. 

Last time, I misjudged him. But now, I understand him. And thanks God because through that experience, I took the right decision to stop serving for a while, and then, come back. I am very sure that people will be misjudging me now. But who cares (yeah)! The most important thing is, I know my purpose of resting and I know what I am doing.

So, really appreciate Willy, Ricky, Edwin and Ling for understanding me. I am the CF President. But, I am a human, normal human being also. Who have my own strength, and my own weakness. Thanks to Father Michael for giving me such inspiring advices, my sister, and Christina.

God Bless.

P/s: huhhhh...terluah segalanya! If you don't understand this topic, nevermind. This is not for you to understand, but at least you know. Take it as a guidance when you are having in the same condition as mine.