Monday, March 29, 2010

Feskott 2010

Feskott is over!!! Yeah! I did join in 5 events (continuously). Thanks God, I got maintain my stamina that day. Although I was injured since thursday, but still managed to overcome it. And, here are the results:

2 Gold medals   : 1500m and 4x400m      
3 Silver medals : 4x100m, 400m, and Larian Mesra (Cross Country)

As what I have aimed to be; I don’t want to win, I’ll just give my best. And I satisfied with it. Especially, during 400m and 4x400m. Although I lose in 400m, but I’m really-really happy because not only my knee was injured, plus with a lot of events during morning (extremely tired), but I did my best and didn’t give up. The winner, Divagar, deserve to win. Because, he is a good runner. Congratulation Divagar!

Well, thanks to all the lecturers and my supportive friends. My team-mates (Nathaniel Keshan and Aswhin), and my contingent: Red Antz!!! Keshan beat me in Larian Mesra (last 100m, he run powerfully). But, we did our best in 4x400m and 4x100m as a team!! Aswhin got silver in 800m. He is also in 4x400m and 4x100m. He is very supportive! Plus, he is the source of transportation to the stadium for practise. Thanks guys.

Erm..without Willy, I won’t have a bag to use. Thank you very much Willy. Ricky? Moral support!! Haha..not forgotten those CF members who did support me in their prayer.

What else? Oh ya, our contingent: Red Antz won for the overall results: 16 Gold medals. Congratulation for the Gold Medals Holder!!!

-          Bola Sepak (L)
-          Bola Jaring (P)
-          Bola Keranjang (L)
-          Futsal (L)
-          Badminton Single (P)
-          Badminton Double (L)
-          Tarik Tali (L)
-          Senamrobik
-          Larian Mesra (L)
-          1500m (L)
-          800m (L)
-          100m (L)
-          4x100m (P)
-          4x400m (L)
-          Olahragawan
-          Olahragawati

Miss Syikin (Under AJK Protocol) met me personally and informed me that, if not Keshan, I was one of the best nominees for the Olahragawan Awards (cause I took part in 5 events), and Keshan did take part in 6 events. But then, I think he really (I mean, REALLY) deserve to win the awards. Congratulation Keshan!!!

And, I’m really proud because one the girl’s athlete that I trained and selected won the Olahragawati Award: Norashikin Baharuddin. Congratulation! You deserve it.

Long time didn’t run (almost two years after Form 5). And I love athletics very-very much. Hopefully next year I still have a chance to participate.

Well, next two days is my exam!!! Pre-As. Argghh..need to study now! By the way, before I end, here are some pictures during Feskott:

400m: Got silver medal. I'm trying to push myself, but the body is unwilling to do so. Haha..Divagar won!
With Aswhin
Keshan (Olahragawan) and me. I wish if I can be as tall as him. Hahaha..

And, this is me: 2 Golds and 3 Silvers.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

This is the day

Today is Feskott!!! Hahaha..i just wake up and straightly go online. first event after this is Larian Mesra. Keshan is my strongest competitor! But nevermind, although he got the advantage (long leg) plus he is really a got athelet, I won't give up and will do my best. 

Hahaha..last night, we switched off our light to support Earth Hour, and we do prayer. "Ritual Prayer"! Hahaha..Me, Edwin, Ricky and Willy. It's awesome and memorable!!!

I've pray not to win today. But, to give my best and satisfy with my performances!Those winner-wanna-be  is deserve to win if they are really good. So, let's see how things work later.

By the way, our singing performance was canceled. Erm..a bit sad, but quit happy!! Hahaha..if not, I can't imagine how exhausted I'm gonna be today.

Ok, before I go warming up, just asking you to pray for me when you read this post ya. Thank you very-very much!

Give My Best,
And,God surely will bless.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Can I handle this?

28 March is Festival Sukan Kolej Teknologi Timur (FESKOTT). I will join 5 events that day. Start with Larian Mesra (Cross Country), 1500m, 4X400m, 400m and 4X100m. What an exhausted day will be!

Not enough with that, suddenly the board of director for Feskott as me (with Shin Chian) to perform (singing) during closing ceremony. Oh my goodness!! Can I catch my breath?

The next day (29 March 2010), gonna be our Pre-AS Examination! Argghh...why things suddenly appear like this?
I hope I can handle this things with care. I want to run away now also cannot already. It's too late for me to turn back.

No matter what happen, I'll try my best and GIVE MY BEST. Just ENJOY, and God will surely BLESS.

I win, I'll praise God. I lose, I'll still praise God.
Because, He have his better plan for me.

Okay! I'll update this page soon. Let's see how things work later. God Bless you.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

What's Next?

Festival Seni (FESNI) is over. Well, I’ve joined singing competition (duo). And ya, I won! Thanks to my supportive and talented partner: Shin Chian. And not forgotten my lecturers and friends. During the competition, we need to sing two songs: (Lagu 60-an & Pilihan Sendiri). Therefore, we chose to sing Yang Mana Satu Idaman Kalbu and Sandarkan Pada Kenangan. This is such an awesome experience to have. Actually, I didn’t plan to join this singing competition. But, because of running away from any drama, theatre and choir competition, so I just simply wrote down my name for singing. I went for the audition, and manage to pass, and also being selected. Thursday night is the semifinal, and we managed to be in the final two. Thanks God, everything is well-paid.  During final, we won!

First Song:Yang Mana Satu Idaman Kalbu

Second Song: Sandarkan Pada Kenangan

(Shin Chian & Maegyvear)

What next? Festival Sukan (FESKOTT) is just around the corner. 28 March! Huh..I join Larian Mesra (merentas desa), 1500m, 800m, 4X400m and 4X100m. This surely be such a tiring day! Why? At 8.00am, I have to get ready for Larian Mesra. Then, around 9.00am is 800m, 9.30am is 1500m and 10.00am is 4X400m. Wow!!! I think that I need to drop one of the events. Maybe, 800m. Huhu...Ermm, what is my target? Erm...all the students aim to get the Olahragawan Awards. But for me, I will just do my best, and let God do the rest.

30th March 2010 is the first day of Pre-AS Examination. is my preparation? Well, everything seems too pack for me. But, I like being in this kind of situation as compared to too loose condition. But, this is not easy if you don’t have the endurance and good self-discipline management. Readers, if you are in the same kind of situation like me, what you should do is, give your best in everything you do. Enjoy everything, and God surely keep you blessed. Chayo chayo!!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

JPA Scholarship

To all SPM 2009 Candidates, 
please do check on this JPA official website for scholarship information and application. 
I'll try my best to help and give information (to all of you) for your JPA scholarship application. 

By the way, to all my friends (JPA Scholars),
help me to add any scholarship information regarding this topic
so that we can bless and help others to further their study without any financial problems.

Any further/personal information, do email me at: 

God bless you ^_^