Tuesday, November 30, 2010

CF Farewell Awards 2010

My beloved CF Juniors made few awards for us during our Farewell, Last CF in 2010. And, surprisingly, I won!!!

"Saya sangat terharu dan berterima kasih kepada para pengundi yang mengundi saya. Tanpa anda semua, siapalah saya di dunia seni ini."

  Haha. By the way, I love you guys (every single of you) so much!!! The effort that you made to make this video had already describe how you guys really appreciate us. (And, we appreciate it too!!!)

Most Innocent Senior: John Lau
This is seriously unfair: I should win this award!

Most Talented in Musics: Eshabell Gloria

Most Hyperactive: Melissa Nuah
This is the only award that I 100% agree for the winner. Unbeatable. No compromise!

Most Nice Hair Style: Ricky Rack
"How is my hair" said Ricky.

Most Studios: Ling Chieng Jiun

Most Sweet Couple:
GARK (Mark Noel & Gavin Man)
I have no ideas of what is going on here.

Most Perasan: Maegyvear Pimid 
Saya sungguh terharu dengan penghargaan seperti ini. Mudah-mudahan, kita dapat melahirkan lebih ramai individu yang pemalu dan pendiam (seperti saya) untuk memartabatkan diri kita.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Graduation, BTN & Flight to Sabah!

I've been busy with few activities and events recently. So, I can't manage to update my blog. However, I'm gonna post all in one today. Updated.


Finally, I graduated for Cambridge A-Level programme on 20 November 2010 at Hotel Pan Pacific. Started with rehearsal from 2.00pm, and finished event at around 2.00am. Too tired, that is for sure! The graduation night was awesome! With theme: Masquerade! All performance were spectacular, superb! Though  they were not perfect, but everyone was trying and giving their best. Awesome guys! 

My performance? Oh ya, I managed to change my turn, I'm the first performer. It was okay, but actually I felt disappointed myself a bit, because I did better during rehearsal. And that night ,I'm too tired. Plus, the musics was not loud enough while I started singing, causing me to lose focus, and forget most of the lyrics! So sad. Never mind la. Straight away after singing, I went and ate a lot! Haha.

And, there is 10 awards announced that night:

1. Best Student for Biology Subject:
    - Ibtisam Yusoff

2. Best Student for Physics Subject:
    - Tan Kwan Tsien

3. Best Student for Chemistry Subject:
    - Fong Chia Ying

4. Best Student for Mathematics Subject:
    - Tan Loon Han

5. Best Student for IELTS Subject:
    - Thaneermalai Narayanan

6. Best Student for Academic (Overall):
    - Fong Chia Ying

7. Best Student for Co-curriculum (Overall):
    - Maegyvear Pimid

8. Best Student for 2010 (Overall):
   - Ahmad Faruqi

9. Prince Award 2010:
    - Maegyvear Pimid

10.Princess Award 2010:
     - Najwa Farhah

Congratulation! Thanks to all lecturers, and also my fellow friends. You guys made the year! Without all of you, I'm not sure how life is, and how is the colour will be if only Pakcik Parang at KTT. By the way, you guys are awesome! Pictures of the night:


My Dinner Table-mate

Graduation Dinner Class of November 2010 
JPA A-Level Program (Medicine) Kolej Teknologi Timur

BTN was not boring as what I have expected it to be. It was fun and the most important thing is, I've learn a lot of thing. During Pendidikan Moral, we played Mafia, Angel and Villagers. Guess what, I'm the ANGEL!!! Undeniable, I am an angel! Hehe. 

Well, citizen of Malaysia; I encourage you guys to read and really understand the Perlembagaan Malaysia before you want to make any conclusion or judgement to the government. I'm not under politic here, but let us be bonded in 1Malaysia with peace, joy and love!


I set my alarm at 5.45am so that I can continue packing few of my unpacked stuff. BUT, I don't know why, my alarm didn't work! John wake me up at 6.38am because he can't sleep due to mosquitoes bite! (Yes, thanks mosquito!). I randomly packed my stuff, simply put in as much as I can without planning and furthur thinking. I am rushing to airport!!

At airport: okay, this is the most risky, challenging and dramatic flight I ever had. Proven by John Lau and Jin Xiang (they sent me to airport). Why? Erm. Firstly, I booked luggage with maximum 20kg ONLY. But guess what, my luggage was around 50kg!!! Before check-in, I know that I need to be emotionally prepared because I will surely need to pay for extra luggage. 1kg extra = Rm15. If, 30 kg extra? (Take your calculator, and calculate yourself!). I prayed! Throughout my way to KLIA, I can't focus and for sure, was really worried!

Now, at the check-in counter: After some discussion, the staff said, I need to find people to share the luggage. And, he suggested me to a chinese lady which is having trip/holiday to Sabah too. I went and met her, asking whether I can share luggage or not. But, she just simply said: NO! John help to me talk with her in Chinese, but still, she said: NO! I give up, and went back to the counter. With my innocent face, the staff then allow 2 of my luggage with 23kg to be brought by cargo. But I still have another 2 extra luggage. If both of them, the weight is around 25kg. John said, "I'll help you to post one of the bag". But I said to them that I try to bring both my bags first, if cannot, then only I'll ask John to help me later.

SURPRISINGLY, they allow me to bring that bags!!!! I reached Sabah with all my luggage without paying any! Really thanks God!!! Every counter I passed is like a thousand heartbeat! I was worried if they said "Adik comel, adik tak boleh bawa beg terlalu banyak".  But I know, God can help me through. Really thanks God. And, to Jin Xiang and John Lau too.

My flight was awesome! I was sitting next to on-holiday-senior-steward. We talked a lot of thing. And I learnt a lot of info regarding Malaysia Airlines, and steward/stewardess. While talking, the 'ketua pramugara' of my flight also came to us, and talk with us. The on-holiday-senior-steward is already 16 years working with MAS. While, the 'ketua pramugara' is working around 14 years already. Totally experienced! I feel like VVIP during that flight though I'm not sitting in the first class/ business class. The best part is when they said, the minimun height requirement to become a steward is 156cm! Yes, I'm in! But, you cannot wear speck. Okay, now I'm out. One new and interesting info I knew that day was: to become a steward, you can't or must not have any scar. They will picture you naked first. Wow!!!! 

Lastly, the 'ketua pramugara' asked me: "How old are you?". And I answered him, "19". Then, he said, "Okay, still young. Still virgin!" Haha. Both of them laugh. Then, the 'ketua pramugara' told me, "you can join me to hotel hayat later if you want to". LoL. This part is really disgusting!

But still, I feel honoured and like VVIP that day, having conversation with 'ketua pramugara' some more. Even, while transit to Labuan, I went out, and the on-holiday-senior-steward follow me, talking with me the whole journey. He kept on saying "Wait me ya, wait me ya" if he went to toilet. Euuww. Thanks God, nothing happened! Haha.

Okay, thanks all for today.
Happy Holiday.
God Bless!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday, 19 November 2010

When I saw my friends being very committed and busy preparing for the Graduation Night, I just feel awesome and glad that at least 'oh, I have this kind of friends here'.


It's gonna be an awesome night when everyone is dressing up, putting different fashion of mask and even the performances (can wait to see them). Talking about performance, it terrified me when Miss Aifaa told me that I'm gonna be the last performer. Meaning that, I'm singing before the Graduation Dinner ends. But, I DON'T LIKE IT! It's gonna be a trouble later. Why?

1. For sure, I can't enjoy others performance because I haven't perform yet!
2. I can't eat as much as I can. Later will effect my singing. Arggh. Should I bring a tupperware?
3. Save the best for the last: Can I reach that expectation?
4. I prefer to be the first performer so that I can enjoy the night!
5. If I perform earlier, I can simply shout and scream to support my friends, but because I am the last, I can't do so aggressively. If not, no more voice to sing. Huh.

And yet today I feel so tired. Practicing here and there. I can't 100% memorize the lyrics yet. And, my throat now is overuse a bit already. Ayoyo. Hopefully, tomorrow I can make it.

"Maegyvear, the stage is yours. The microphone is yours. And, the camera is yours"
(My motivation)
I just hope that I can focus singing instead of over-posing. Haha.

P/s: Preparing for rosary tonight! My last rosary in KTT this year. Huhu. See you guys later. God Bless.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I believe, My Saviour God

The songs from Britney Spears, Katy Parry and Lady Gaga is symbolizing (or is written for) Eric Fenandez (according to Melzie's blog). But this song is written based on my journey as a CF President for 2009/2010. 


There's a time to be born
And, there's a time to die
There's a time to cry
And, there's a time to laugh
There's a time you fall
And, there's a time you bounce back
Cause Jesus, my Saviour God

I believe in You, I believe in You
I believe in You, I believe in You
I believe in You, I believe in You
My Saviour God, my Saviour God

Trust the Lord, my Jesus Christ
The blood, the cross, the everlasting love
Don't be surprised for the trials you'll go through
As if something strange is happening around

And His love is more that what we've thought
Is greater than what we have caught and fought
And, His plans are greater than our dreams
I believe, my Saviour God

P/S: It is not completely telling you the whole journey. Because everything here is completely complicated. I composed this song during my last week AS Exams around June, 2010. And actually, planning to sing it  by tonight (17 November 2010), during our CF Farewell for seniors. But, I don't feel like I want to sing it tonight. But, my promise, when I come back KI (Amen!), I'll surely sing this and bring this as a part of my testimony; I believe, My Saviour God!

Thanks to all my friends, my seniors, and all those people who have walked with me throughout my year here. Not forgotten, the juniors! AND, special honor to my CF Committee 2009/2010! You guys did really teach me a lot, and my experience of becoming CF President was tremendously awesome and memorable. I learnt more about the real meaning of life as a Christian.

Though I'm not perfect, but God really provides me everything!
God Bless.

Friday, November 12, 2010


4 more days before I finish my A-level Examination,
8 more days before Graduation Night,
15 more days before going back Sabah.

Time flies so fast!
That's all what I can say now