Friday, February 26, 2010

Giving My Best

I have changed my Blog's name to 
Maegyvear: Giving My Best

Well, I have realized that I misused the term of humility in Giving my Best. I've become currently passive, keep on avoiding the opportunity to be what I used to be before, and doing things half of my best! Wake up Maegyvear!!!

We can achieve what we have aimed for. Before this, I thought that achieving the greatest thing will destroy my humility. I keep saying myself to be humble. And misuse it!! Humility (in my wrong way) make me such a weak person. But then I've realized that thing is not like that. We can achieve the greatest things in our life with humility.

Therefore, be strong and powerful!!! At the same time: be humble.

God Bless.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Holiday View

I've joined the prayer meeting in my church. Arrgghh..awesome! I've served in the praise and worship team. Together with Gumie, Nestor, Kilur (Keyboardist), Baxter!!! Ermm..during sharing, Flevia shared about forgiveness, and how she managed to forgive someone that hurt her for almost 6 months. She taught us a simple prayer that she prayed until she got the miracles to forgive that person: "Tuhan, berilah saya rahmat pengampunan". Huh..I wish, within this short period of time, I can get the strength to forgive (for the second time) to those who hurt me, betraying me, and back-stabber.

Planning to take my bible and read it at 7.30am (as what I usually did during Campus Revo), but I woke up late!!! Huh..what happen today? Nothing much. I spend my time with my siblings, asked them to clean the house, wash clothes, cooks, sweep the floor..etc etc..and I, watching TV. Hahaha..Actuallu, that evening, my mom asked me to accompany her to supermarket for shopping and buy a lot of thing. But then, Christina sms me to join them in KBP's first recollection and meeting that night. So, I've joined them. They have selected the new KBP's committee. Well, I wish all the best to all of you!!! This coming saturday (20 February), they asked me to join them in the Recollection and Committee training until Sunday. But, I'm sorry guys, my parents didn't allow me to go. They said, its better for me to stay at house and spend time with them. Huhu..Family's Love!!!

Argghh..I ate much!!! Happy Chinese New Year and Valentine too! My mom cooked mee sup. And, its super awesome!!! I ate 3 rounds. Rest for a while, then ate again...haha...I wish I won't gain weight. Because Feskott (Festival Sukan Kolej Teknologi Timur)  is just around the Corner. I have to get ready for Feskott. Wishing to get at least one gold medal. hehe...

Open house again!!! also I ate extremely much! Starting at 11.00am, Christina and Flevia brought me to KFC! They spent me. Oh gosh...that is my first time which I can't finish my Chicken. Why??? Its too much!!! Haha..btw, thank you very-very much to Christina, Flevia, Nestor and Fodi...After that, we ate ice-cream. Huhu!! I went back home at 5.00pm. Then, took my bath, and changed my clothes. Because, Flevia fetched me again to Rian's open house and birthday party!!! Haha..imagine! Continuously eating...

Erm..I went back home at 9.30pm (from Rian's house). My younger sisters, (Mimie & Margaret) still there. I have told them to come back not too late. But then, I waited until 12.00am. They are still not here (house). I sms them 3 times (10.00pm, 11.00pm and 12.00am). Margaret did reply. She said, she wanted to go back already. But no transport. She asked the others to go back, but they don't want. And, said: Malam masih muda. Uhh..ok, malam masih muda ya?? haha...well, I'm a very strict brother towards my siblings, especially my younger sisters. Why? I take care about them very-very much. Because, the world is not safe anymore. Guess what I did? I locked the house!!! Haha..and send my last message that night: "Both of you sleep outside!" Ermm..pity la to those who get me as their brother. Hehehe..but, I love them very-very much.

Younger Sister: Margaret

 Youngest Sister: Mimie

Today, my sister (Margaret) went back to her hostel at SMK Teknik Keningau. Gonna miss her a lot. Why their holiday is too short?? I haven't get enough time to talk with her. Btw, she is awesome. Grown up already...hehe... all the best ya! also, we have Ash Day at Church. Means, fasting gonna start tomorrow. Well, during the homily, Father Jalius advised us to pray while fasting. During this 40 days fasting time, I wish I can be cured from my trauma about something that happened to me. And, got the strength to forgive and face my friend aka 'enemy'.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Yeah!!! I'm home now. I miss Sabah so much!! Guess what, when the aeroplane landed, the first thing that I saw was the Pilak’s people working beside the airport.

When I reached my house, all my younger brothers and cousins came to me. Semuanya minta didukung!! Berebut-rebut untuk didukung..haha..until some of them fight to each other, cry and jealous if I ‘dukung’ one of them.

What else? Erm..oh ya, my room is so dirty!! Dust is everywhere. So, I cleaned it up today, and it looked fabulous after that. Well, I am hygienist. I don’t like to see things messy and dirty!!

Oh ya..something happen during my flight. I sat at 24B (means, in the middle). At my right side is a girl from Philippine. During lunch time, one of the steward asked me,

“Would you like to have Nasi Lemak or Roti Canai, sir?”

Then, with British slang, I answered him. “Nasi Lemak, please. Thank you!”

Haha..that is not the interesting part I gonna tell you here. The Philippine’s girl also asked for the same order as mine. But suddenly, she dropped her nuts+ikan bilis!! I saw her wanted to ask the steward to pick it up for her, but she didn’t. Then, being gentleman, I gave mine to her. She smile, saying thank you! Haha..for the first time I sacrifice my foods to other in MAS. Although I like nuts very much, but it felt much more delicious and great when you sacrifice something you like to those who need it.

So, what Maegyvear said today:
“It will be much more ‘delicious’ and great when you sacrifice something you LIKE to those who NEED it.”

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Do you still love God?

My Middle Semester II Examination was from 25th January 2010 until 30th January 2010. I tell you, that week is the hardest week for me (so far).

Two days before exam starts, I was hardly facing problems! Before this, I can handle a lot of problems that arise. Outside me, I’m look as usual, happy and normal (although I have problem). But this time, the problems are different. I’m fighting with myself! Although I am totally hurted by someone, but still I am fighting with people’s opinion to forgive that person for the second time (btw, should I?). Because God said that “Forgive your enemy!!!”

This time is really hard and tough. I can’t hide it anymore. Even to pretend myself that I don’t have problem, but still my friends know that I am not in a good condition. Ricky said that, obviously, it shown.

During the exam, people are rushing to finish answering their papers in one hour, but still cannot finish it within that period of time. Imagine me, sitting in the examination halls, rushing to answer the questions, and at the same time, that problems arise and keep disturbing me. I lose my focus!

Why I can focus and let it go???

- It was tough!!!
- Because, firstly I forgive that person 5 months ago.
- Although it’s not my fault, but I am the one who worked hard to strengthen back our relationship. Trying many ways to help that person so that that person will not feel guilty and be happy.
- I think that my forgiveness before this is useless and did not been appreciated.
- That person broke the promises he/she make before (I WILL NOT DO IT AGAIN)!!!

How tough is the problem??? Well, I’m not going to post what kind of problem was it here. Because, still I care about that’s person privacy. But, it was hard until it affects my internal Mid Semester 2 Examination (Yups! My results are not too good compared to before) and it did me cry!!! (what??? A guy cried??? Huh...yess!! Sometimes, a guy do cry when they are really hurt: I mean, really, really, and extremely hurt)

I asked myself, God why this entire thing happened to me? Why I’m facing it now (I mean, during exam week)??? Why not later? Arghhh...

Well human, the greatest part of it is how God work during that period of time? And, how you glorify God’s name during this tough-period of time? If God give you this, do you still love God?

“Thanks God for giving me such a great testimony and experience to glorify your name and to bless others. May this simple story can become a great inspiration for those that in the same condition faced by me. Praise you!”

Monday, February 1, 2010


February come again. 
Today is the very first of february. 
Month of love? 
Month for valentine?
Ermm...well, I've discussed with my housemate regarding this thing. 
And, we agree! For now, my STATEMENT:

"Couple-ling is troublesome"

What would you say???