Saturday, July 31, 2010


I think, ALU 10 is the most hectic class in KTT! From Monday until Friday, we start our class at 8.00am, break 1 hour in the afternoon, and then continue class until 5.00pm. Imagine! So, just a reminder, be careful with any ALU 10 students. Hehe. Some of us could be very moody, and busy (of course). And, try to understand if we can't join or spend of our time with others activity.

To my seniors, erm...our time is different with you guys. If you guys said that your Semester 3 is packed and loaded with a lot of things, ALU 10 is triple! For our batch, the lecturers added 2 hours for Biology and another 2 hours for physics. And, I'm taking maths (miscellaneous!!). Having Mr. Razib class is such a blessing. But, we need to sacrifice a lot of thing. Plus, my biology lecturer is Miss Aifaa. She is very good! But, she gave us a lot (I really meant it: A LOT) of assignments and tutorial. You might cannot imagine it, but yes, that is the truth.

I'm not blaming. I'm not complaining. But, I just wanted to say this so that other students can understand us, and especially, considering my situation. Recently, people misjudge me because of something. It is really hurting, but, I understand, they didn't know the truth. So, I'm here to explain and prove something so that they won't have any bad expectation or misunderstanding.

Time management is very important. Health come first! God is my priority!

Thanks to some of my friends who took care of me. Who understand my condition, and trying to ease it by simply make me smile. Merci beaucoup!

Okay, today is Saturday. As usually, I had my hectic class from 8.00am until 3.00pm just now. ALU4 - ALU7 just finished their IELTS Examination! Congratulation. And, most of the students here went out for outing. Me? I'm stuck in my apartment! Huhu. Nevermind. Actually, they asked me to go out with them, but I chose not to do so as I have promise to meet with one junior, just to spend our time in sharing and consulting each other.

To those who went out today, don't forget to bring me something!!!!

Okay, God bless!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

My Stick Notes

I have my stick notes, pasted in front of my study table. 
I have been started doing this since I was first came to KTT. Why? Because, I have realised that there is a lot of thing for me to be reminded (myself).


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My Ruler

I have a ruler. Favourite ruler indeed! I kept it since 2008. I punched it by using a hole puncher to make it unique and extra ordinary! My ruler served me around 3 years without any problem and hesitation. I like my ruler.

But recently, on 26 July 2010, I broke my ruler unconsciously! Maybe, it is too old and yet not more flexible as before.

Just before my maths paper, while I was standing in front of the examination main hall, it died (broke)! I screamed! Thanks God because Gavin Yap brought extra ruler. So, he let me to borrow it. I took that ruler, but I didn't use it. Huhu. Condolence!

I went to mini-mart. And bought a new one! Yeah! Patah tumbuh hilang berganti.

This is your destiny = going to be punched later!!!

The End.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

CF Showchoir & Musical Performance

 CF Showchoir

 CF Musical (Waka waka eh eh)

Yeah! Mission accomplished. From the feedback, the CF showchoir and Musical Performance was awesome!! Praise the Lord. Oh by the way, last night, CF members performed a showchoir with 3 songs: Don't stop me now, All by myself and Amazing Grace, and also a musical dance: Waka waka eh eh, for the ICS Charity Dinner at Auditorium, Akademi Audit Negara!

I didn't expect high from them. I just want them to give their best! Giving my best too!! And, one of the greatest thing during the performance was, when I saw each and everyone of them were trying their best, with all that they can do and surrender the rest to God almighty. It was a great feeling to see them enjoying themselves and giving their best on the stage! (Salut!)

At first, we were worried as the microphone didn't work well during the rehearsal. But praise the lord, it sounds nicer during the performance! It is testified that being in God, nothing is impossible!

Before we start the performance, we prayed. Most of them were nervous and worried. But, we managed to overcome it as we are doing this for God, to glorify His name, and serve him by singing. We stand, we sang, and we enjoyed ourselves. It turn out with a great, awesome and superb performance by not-so-professional performers! All by the awesome Brothers And Sisters In Christ (B.A.S.I.C)!

Thank you very much to all the choir members and supporters, including the awesome audience, and fellow friends in KTT! Thank you very much to Edwin (The Musician of the night), Ricky, Willy, Eric, Melzie and Gebby (The superb seniors who did join the performances, offering their time to serve God and bless others despite their A2 Examination!) Not forgotten, the very committed juniors: Jude, Wayne, Yong Kuang, Lik Hoe, Jonathan, Ivan, Terry, Lynton, Jeanrette, Geraldine, Corine, Christiannie, Evangeline, Riss, Angela, Jacinta, Bibiana, Cindy, Jaclyn, Rachel, Andrea, Rainie, Esther, Lulu, Sherlyn, Maggie and I-vonne!

Thanks to Ling Chieng Jiun for belanja-ing us drinks!! And all the CF Committees and Members! May God bless you all.

It was a great experience to conduct, coordinate and perform with you guys. I'm so sorry if I hurt any of you emotionally, or physically, especially during the practices. Continue to serve God with all your heart, no matter in what way it goes! 

"Worship the Lord with gladness. Come before him, singing with joy."
Psalm 100:2


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Last Practice!

CF Showchoir and Musical Performance

Performance Coordinator:
Maegyvear Pimid

Music Coordinator:
Edwin Loh

Ricky Rack

1.    Maegyvear                  
2.    Edwin Loh                    
3.    Ricky Rack                    
4.    Wilynstee Nayyan    
5.    Eric Fenandez             
6.    Jude Raphael              
7.    Wayne Keith                               
8.    Chia Yong Kuang       
9.    Jonathan                      
10. Ung Lik Hoe                 
11. Foo Seik Min (Ivan)  
12. Lynton Edviano          
13. Terry Jamba                
14. Melissa Nuah             
15. Gebriellea    
16. Jeanrette                     
17. Geraldine                     
18. Corine                           
19. Christiannie                 
20. Evangeline                   
21. Riss Roland                  
22. Angela Mamporok   
23. Jacinta Toimin            
24. Bibiana Patrick           
25. Cindy Joseph              
26. Jaclyn                             
27. Rachel Ling                  
28. Andrea Goh                
29. Rainie Lim                    
30. Esther Tan                   
31. Lim Set Lu                    
32. Maggie Ng                   
33.  Sherwinnerlyn          
34.  I-vonne Lim

Tonight is the last night of our practice! 
Wishing you guys all the best for our performance tomorrow. 
No matter what happen, just enjoy yourself and let us lift God's name higher.
Do your best, and 
God Bless!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday Reading (Reflection)

In Church today, Father Raymond shared about the verses from Luke 10: 38-42. This verses tell us about the story when Jesus came to a village by which Martha and Mary served Him in two different ways. When Jesus visits Martha and Mary, Martha serves Him and sees to his needs whilst Mary chooses to be with Jesus, enjoying his presence and company.

Jesus does not reproach Martha but only cautions her not to be too anxious and weighed down by cares of this world. Both Martha and Mary serve Jesus in their own way.

Doing our household chores with humility and love can be beautiful moments of prayer. But leaving our cares and worries, pausing to listen to Jesus and His word can give us much nourishment, something that we need as Christians.

God Bless.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Something to think about?

I believe that each and everyone of us do have our own idol, role model or someone that we trust with. Practically, one of the most trusted person in my life is my elder sister, Marcela! We share a lot of thing, advicing each other, giving different opinion or even to share our own problems; no matter guy or girl problems. We are very open about it because we understand each other. And, we are sibling (of course)!

Well, recently, she knew that I'm very busy. I'm loaded with a lot of stuff! Time will be the most precious, and rest is the most needed! Then, she gave me words of encouragement, inspiration, motivation and opinion. Thanks. 
Last night, suddenly she sent me this message via SMS which I think you guys also deserve to learn from it:

"When there are so many things you need to do, and to think of, does it ever cross your mind like drinking an orange juice at the beach, watch movie before you sleep, laugh as you can't stop, or smile when you think of something? What? I can't hear you. Did you say no? OMG. That's too bad for you. Haha. You see, end of it! Those bad thinking make your days even worse! You waste your time and feel regret at the end. Crying over things that cannot be returned. So, why not just enjoy the game?"

Think about it.
God Bless.

Monday, July 12, 2010


I slept around 5.15am after I've finished watching the Final World Cup 2010, Spain VS Netherlands at Student Lounge! Yeah, my team won! Viva Espana!!

Then, I woke up linguistically at 10.00am after my old alarm clock ringing unstoppably on top of my drawer. I looked into the mirror and saw my not-so-enough-sleep-red-eyes. I have Maths class with Mr. Razib at 11.00am.

Now, I'm blogging just after I came back from my Biology Class with Miss Aifaa. I'm too tired, and hardly sleepy. But, I haven't settle few thing for tonight practice. By the way, at 6.30pm-7.30pm, I'm having CF meeting with my Committees. Next, 7.30pm-8.30pm, I'm having CF Practice. After that, I will continue with CF Showchoir and Musical Performances Practice with the members. Lastly, I'll continue with CF Dance Practice! Oh my goodness, I hope I can have extra energy and stamina to do this. Study? Revision? Assignment? Still in KIV process (Keep In View).

My life, as usual, are very busy and packed with activities, assignments, tutorials, study and not forgotten, my responsibility and commitment as CF President and MPP Vice President. (Thanks God, I resigned my post as Class Representative last year). I took this as a challenge, and a great exposure towards a busy and hectic life when I officially graduate as a doctor.

By the way, I'm taking this opportunity to thank you to all my friends and lecturers here who support me, stand beside me, and even give a helping hand when I need them.

God Bless.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

A2 Syllabus

I'm in my 3rd Semester in KTT now. Well, A2 syllabus are quite tough, rushing and accelerating! Imagine, in around 3 months we need to finish all the syllabus! For those who take maths, we need to put more effort and sacrifice a lot of our time in tutorial, miscellaneous and assignments.

Recently, I have involved in organizing juniors' Orientation Activities which causes all the MPPs to burn their midnight oil. We slept around 2am/3am, and we need to wake up early just to make sure the flow of the activities are smooth. Actually, we'll started leaning A2 syllabus before our AS examination. But, I believe, most of us didn't really focus during A2 classes as AS was just around the corner. 

So, when I came back from my holidays, I really need to catch up and revise! I've forgotten most of the A2 syllabus taught by the lecturers before. While busy revising and catching up, the lecturers also starting to press on and accelerate with A2 stuff. Plus with a lot of activities, and tutorials, oh my goodness, this is really pressuring.

In my opinion, 1.5 years students are the most busy in KTT so far! Especially those who take maths. Some of us is now gasping for air doing all those stuff. (I'm a bit jealous for those who dropped maths as they have more free time and relax).

But, for those who take maths, don't give up! Let's do our best and no more turning back. No regret of taking Maths. And, just believe that we can handle this. (We are actually now exposed to the real life of a doctor). Great indirect exposure!

By the way, some of my friends are going to sit for their IELTS Examination at the end of this month. All the best ya! Mine? 13-14 of August. Which is a day after we can get our AS Results! Haha.

Okay, I'll update again later.
God Bless!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

First Impression

Last year (2009), during my Orientation Week, we played the First Impression Game. And here is what they've wrote for me:

-You can fix scientific machine
-Aramai Tii!
-Really nice
-Cool name, you rookz!!!

This year, during my Juniors' Orientation Week, we've played the same game. Oh, by the way, I'm incharge of the Orientation Sessions (MPP). And here is what they wrote for me.

-Hardly cute
-Good friend
-You share a name with a TV character
-Same name
-You look like Lunbawang
-I remember the old series of McGyver
-Quite short guy!! Hahaha.
-My lover
-Sweet voice
-Sabahan bah tu!
-Weird accent
-Friendly, cool
-Friendly man
-Lovely guy
-Cute accent

Haha. Lol. This game is fun!!! During Orientation, the juniors said that they are afraid of me. Because, I look very serious. Ya kah pula? Haha. Nevermind. Thanks for the first impressions from you guys.

Have an awesome journey in KTT!
Good Bless.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Orientation Week!

From Monday until Friday, I usually slept around 2.00am-3.00am. And have to wake up around 7.30am. Imagine! 4 hours sleep a day! Plus, I ate a breakfast or a Lunch or a Dinner only for each day! (Oh, sesi meluahkan perasaan). Haha. This is all due to Orientation week for juniors. We (MPP) really work hard and committed for this. And even the facilitators also giving their best cooperation to us! (Thank you very-very much). We don't want the same thing happen as what we faced during our Orientation Week last year. (Juniors, you are so lucky to have this).

By the way, Orientation Week is over. Performance Results (for the top 3) goes to:
1. Group 3: Sufian's Group (Music Video)
2. Group 2: Ricky's Group (Choir)
3. Group 10: Willy's Group (1Malaysia Dance)

Congratulation to Group 10 (Under Willy) for being awarded as The Best Group of Orientation! And, not forgotten to Chia Young Kuang (Group 4) and Geraldine Una Jetony (Group 2) for being selected as the Prince and Princess of KTT 2010!

Juniors, as what I always told all of you, KTT is an awesome place! Not due to it's facilities and environment, but due to the fellowship, friendship and the people here. Believe me, you'll gonna miss this place even tough you are here for only 1 year, 1.5 years or even 2 years!

Talking about Christian Fellowship, our members now increase to more than 100 students (last time is only like 50 students). Thanks God for the answered prayer! LH 6 is not suitable for the CF activities anymore. Same goes to others LH. So, I'm going to write a letter to Mr. Zaini to give us permission to use Dewan Utama for our CF activities. (Please pray so that he will allow us to do so).

Today's Campus Revolution and Morning prayer is a bit different, because 3 juniors have joined us! Congratulation to Jeanrette, Geraldine and Corine for making it this morning. Although they just finish their orientation week, but their passion to God is awesome! No matter how tired they are, but still they came this morning to have a prayer and words of God. (Awesome).

What else? Oh ya, welcome to KTT, juniors. On behalf of MPP and Facilitators, I'm sorry if we tortured, shouted in front of you, scolded you or even do some mistakes to all of you. By the way, we are glad to have all of you here, and let us make KTT as an awesome place ever!

God Bless!