Saturday, August 29, 2009

The story of a pair of shoes

I am a pair of shoes. I was born at Giant Nilai Negeri Sembilan. Every day, I saw people walking and passing in front of me. Some of them glanced at me. But, most of them just pass by and ignoring me. What they were thinking they are? And what they were thinking of me? Huh..I’m cuter than Daniel KTT, I am much prettier that Lim Sue Ting a.k.a Susu. But, why do they not attract to buy me? Like human, I have a feeling too. Happy, sad, angry and..emo!

1 day my life changed.
2 days before Malaysian Independence Day (a shoes even know the date better than the people),
3 handsome, cute and macho guys come and standing in from of me.
4sure, they were talking something about me
5 pictures explaining everything
6 (saturday) bring up the things
7 (sunday), I'll pray to God for them!


"I want this shoe. It is cool. It is..owh..indescribable!!!"
Wow..I am very proud! Puji lagi..puji lagi young man!

"But, the price is so expensive"
Don't judge me with that price, I'm supposed to be more expensive than that!

"Ahh, sir..excuse me sir! Erm..what do you think about this shoe?"

Erm..okaylah. Bagi chance!

Hei you!!! Apa bagi chance bagi chance arr?? If someone talks like that to you, what do you feel? Think before you say laa!!! make me emo again...

"! Although you are expensive, but you are adorable. Ugly but adorable!!! Let's make a bond between us. A bond that is stronger than covalent bond, ionic bond and even metallic bond. I'll do my part, and you do your part. We make our own compartmentalisation. Let's love conquer everything."

Uhh..How wonderful and beautiful the world will be if all of us are bonded with love? Peace and harmony. God, bless those human. So that, they share the love among each other. Let the love make peace of the world!

"Now, I declare that you are mine!"



Thursday, August 27, 2009

Can I be a model?

Today is Thursday. The thirstiest day without God. Hrrm, last night, I slept at 2.00am. Not studying, but reflecting what's going on in my life. Then, I woke up at 7.00am (need to wake up for morning prayer meeting). 7.00am is among the earliest time for the student here to wake up, especially during this mid semester break. tired and sleepy! I went to library, planning to study Biology, but..z z Z! So, only 30 minutes I'm there. Then, I went back to my apartment and planning to sleep. However, when I enter the toilet, my unwashed clothes!!! So, in one hour, I spent my time washing all the clothes (using my neighbour washing machine). Huh..I haven't sleep yet!

After taking my lunch (1.30pm) at Aunt Mira's House, then I sleep...woohhhh! I woke up at 6.30pm (5 hours sleeping). lazy la today to study. But, nevermind la. Sometimes, we need to spend our time to enjoy ourselves and be relax. Don't be stress with study, because the life is so beautiful. You need to colour it!! How do I colour my life today? Well, enjoy these pictures, especially taken for 3 companies (Oakley, Nokia & Gardenia) of free modelling pose:

1st picture: Can I be a model?

2nd picture: Can I be the model of Oakley Cap?

3rd picture: Can I be the model for Nokia handphone?

4th picture: Can I be the Gardenia best-expression-look of modelling pose?
Hahaha!! How beautiful the life is!! You better try for it because life is so wonderful, life is so beautiful. By the way, can I be a model??? Hehe..I don't want to be a model, but I want to be the role model for the youths. Inspiring and motivating them to achieve the greatest things in their life.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


In life, everything is imperfect. Up and down, side to side. I wish I can be such a perfect person, so that everything will be wonderful. However, I can't. Without you, without God.

Well, today is the first week for the New Committee to handle the Christian Fellowship. However, most of them (the committees and juniors) went back home. Only left less than 10 (1.5 years student). Then, I took the responsibility to handle the CF with all that I have and with all that I can.

For today CF (26.08.09), our theme is about God's Love and we are thankful for that. I'm leading the Worship. Keyboard played by Crystalyn (Good Job Crystalyn!!!). And, guitarists are Shawn Paul & Reginald (thanks to both of you). Because our theme is all about God's Love, so here are the songs that I've choose:

1. Hari Ini Kurasa Bahagia.
2. The Power of Your Love.
3. Beautiful Saviour.
4. How Great is Our God.
5. Awesome God.

The slide is handled by Ling Chieng Jiun (Media Coordinator; Good job Ling) and the Worship team are Willy, Sophia, Joyner, Dennie and Susu (thanks for all your supports). Erm..the speaker? Woohh..Alwyn was there! He shared to us about...ya, God's Love! Joel and Yvonne also came (both from ACTS Church; thank you).

So far, everything flows smoothly (although not as what I've planned and expected on). Everybody is still new and trying to learn and helping each other to improve ourselves. However, I’m proud with all of them. Well, the attendance is only 25 people (better than zero). In praise and worship, in serving the God, the number of people is not the matter. Ya, it is good when many people come. But, the most important thing is your willingness to worship with full of heart. (Susu is correct; not the talented or also perfect person, but those who have heart to worship).


Speaker: Alwyn!

What else ya?? Owh ya..Today, I got new Bible from Yvonne (on behalf of ACTS Campus & ACTS Church)..Thanks ya!!!

Well guys, remember my words; the closer you to God, the more temptation you will be facing on. Sometimes you manage to handle it by yourself, but sometimes you will also lost, giving up and falling down. Whatever you are in, remember, you have God and you have us to support and help you! As a 'family' in the name of Jesus Christ, we belong together and holding each other.

Saved to Shine!!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

CF New Commitee (2009/2010)

I believe, every decision He made must have a purpose. Here there are, the new Christian Fellowship Commitee for 2009/2010 (Susu is retired!!).

Andrew Low (2007/2008)
Lim Sue Ting (2008/2009)

Maegyvear Pimid

Edwin Loh

Joyner Laleng Matthew

Sophia Alo Matthew

Mark Noel

Gavin Man
Ricky Rack

Wilynstee Nayyan

Melissa Nuah

Victor Lian

Ling Chieng Jiun

Gebriellea Dass

Thanks to Daniel (The Vice President before)..Daniel, your words are extremely inspiring and motivating me a lot!! Well, to the New Commitee; Saved to Shine!!!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

My Apartment

More than one month already I've been in KTT, but I always forgot to write about my apartment. Haha..not dorm (as in boarding school before) yaa..Yes, it is an apartment! sounds cool rite? Living in an orang kaya gitu...haha!!

Well, firstly, there are 4 students sharing in one apartment. Each apartment got 2 rooms (so 2 person in each room). We have one toilet, bathroom and balcony!! apartment is 10-1-A2..The most special apartment ( I think) because the wifi signal is just in front of our balcony. So, we got the best and excellent wifi coverage always!!!

The picture above are us! From left; Ali, Lau Hui Chong, Lui Jin Xiang & me, Maegyvear. Ali is my roomate. He is from Sabah (previous school: SM Sains Lahad Datu). He is the MPP x-president at SEMSALD. Bibi (his schoolmate here in KTT) said, for 5 years at SEMSALD, he is the best head prefect ever!!! He is so nice and caring! Before this, I don't have roomate. And, he know that I don't have roomate. So, he requested the warden to change his apartment. Therefore, we are roomate!! he2...

Next is Lau Hui Chong. He is also known as John. John is easier..he2..I called him John! He is pure chinese from Sibu, Sarawak. Guess what, he is very good in computer. He do internet business. amazing kan? He said, he lost around Rm 100. But, the best profit he got is up to 5 digit!!! RM10000....!!! "John, better you teach me business and Im quit becoming doctor" la! Doctor is my ambition. Erm..apart from that, he always borrow me his broadband! If not, I cannot access the internet. Thanks, John! I have subscribed already the RM40 unlimited internet usage from the KTT but..huh..until now, there is nothing. MPP 2009/2010, please do something for this!

Lui Jin Xiang; the genius one! My housemate, groupmate (for orientation day), classmate and 'tablemate'..haha! He is very genius! He can argue with the lecturer for maths, chemistry, physics and sometimes biology. He is also very generous, kind and good listener. When I have problems, I will tell him (meluahkan segala-galanya-ceh..menyampah!!)..haha..but, he will give advices or ideas. is hard to meet people like him. In study, he always teach me, especially when I don't understand about something. But, as a genius, sometimes I cannot understand his explaination. Huh..haha!! He is pure chinese from Kedah. He likes basketball, volleyball and captainball!! Singing? Ya..sometimes he sing softly in our apartment. He likes watching animation movie like madagascar, ratatoille, ice age, etc..huh..what else?

All of us are JPA India Bound in medic. Going to be a doctor! Athough Ali is Islam, Jin Xiang is Buddish and John & I are Christians, but live happily ever after..(hopefully)..we have different races also. We have Bajau, chinese and pure Kadazan here. So, without realising, we are now supporting 1 Malaysia concepts. Yeah!! One Malaysia; Rakyat didahulukan, Pencapaian diutamakan!! He2..ok la, c ya!

KTT MPP Election day!

Previously, I promised to myself not to involve in MPP anymore!!! But, I broke my promise!! classmate nominated me to be one of the MPP nominee. My class lecturer (Miss Asyikin) also supporting me to just go for it. Not forgoten, Susu and the gang! Then, that was the story how I am nominated to be one of the nominees. (Haha..minta puji! Bagus kalo terpilih).

Each class must nominate at least two person. Then, if they is any volunteer, just take the form, fill it and nominate yourself. Hence, for MPP 2009/2010; there are 24 nominees! From left to right and above to bottom, here they are;

Mark, Deeban, Willy, Nafis, Jeeva, Victor Lian, Azman, Hafiz, Azila

Sufian, Zahrul, Dalvin, Aathityaa, Ricky, Noor Ashikin, Maegyvear, Manpreet, Joeffry

Faruqi, Farah, Saiyidah, Foo Ru Ren, Alyani, Amirul

Penamaan calon: 10 August 2009. Campaign is on 13-14 August and election day (mengundi) is on Friday (14 August 2009). Only 14 will be selected to be in MPP and 10 will be eliminated! But for sure, all of them are the greatest and the best!! All the best to all of you!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

The power of your love; Sunday Prayer Meeting

Early in the morning, around 7.00am, we went to the hill and have our prayer meeting there. I think, it is the first time, because usually, we will have our prayer meeting at pavillion at 7.30 - 8.00am. But, Sunday is different. We climb up the hill, sit in a group, recite the prayer that Jesus teach us; OUR FATHER, and lastly, share our problems as we live in one family. We don't have our parents here, we don't have siblings here and we don't have relative here. So, we ourselves become one family, in the name of Jesus Christ, sharing, advicing and taking care to each other.

Sun are rising up; how life is going on today?
One way to climb up the hill
Willy, Maegyvear and Ricky
Praise the Lord as we got a very good christian student here. The seniors are awesome, and the juniors are wonderful! Personally, if they are not here, I might lose my way! I might be far from God and cannot find peace into my heart. I might be giving up easily without strenght to fight back! And, without them, without Christian Fellowship and without Jesus; I will never know or learnt the amazing word of: RAISE UP!!

Huh..that word (shouted by our speaker during Christian Fellowship) bring a major effect to me. Coming to KTT, I don't want to show up!!! I don't want to be a leader!!! I don't want to be known by many people!!! I don't want to be active!!! As conclusion, I don't want to be the real MAEGYVEAR PIMID that the God had created to live in this World!!! The Real MAEGYVEAR before is the one who use to reach beyond his limits, believing in all of his capabilities and able to achieve what he had aimed for. That was me! But after one incident, I've changed! But praise the Lord, He wake up again. He raise me up!!! God is everything to me.

Friday, August 7, 2009

H1N1 Safety Precaution!

Thanks to Miss Syikin (ALL 10 Class Lecturer) for sponsoring the masks to all of us!! We were sponsored with that masks and adviced to use it everyday to keep us away from H1N1. H1N1 is spreading tremendously nowadays. The government also stated that H1N1 is among one of the most dangerous disease and serious threat for Malaysian (stated by our PM - not a fake statement arr). Huh..although Munnie said that it is annoying using that mask, but (for sure), I am proud using it..hehe..

Peace, no H1N1!

HOMES at Inti College!

Last nite (6 August 2009), we went to Inti College for HOMES. Homes is like a place where we share, praising & worshiping the God. From KTT, there are 14 juniors and 3 seniors joining the HOMES. is extremely awesome! First, before the prayer start, we enjoy the dinner there. Macaroni + pasta + toasted chicken + orange juice!! Wow...nice dinner prepared by Ivonne (correct spelling??) Then, we have a simple ice breaking (this is our first time joining the group )with other collegeous student too. Some of them come from Zimbabwe, Vietnam...etc..(forget the name of their country).

After Ice breaking, we have praise and worship! 3 songs (Awesome God, At the cross, and I just want You). Leaded by Lim Sue Ting (Susu) and music played by Joshua (talented keyboardist). The P&W was very heart-touching. Good P&W leader Susu!! (some piece for susu: we think that you and Joshua are bagai pinang di belah dua la...he2..why not?). Then, we have Bible Sharing from Alwyn (Sabahan bahh)! We finished the HOMES around 10.30pm. Really, the HOMES are awesome, inspiring and indescribable..look at their face, it describe everythings!! he2...okayyy, see you next HOMES!!!
Ricky Rack

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I miss them, KBP!

The day after tomorrow is 6th August 2009! It means that I am here (at KTT) for a month already, and leave my friends (KBP-Komiti Belia Pelaksana) in one month!!! I miss them very very much because we spent a lot of time, sharing, praying and sitting together to discuss and make our youth's programme (Program Penjagaan Alam Sekitar) become reality and not just a fantasy!

Christina, Flevia, Gundul, Baxter, Gillie, Kilur, Gumie, Sonny, Roynston, Bonini, Rofino, Louis....a lot more!!! And for sure, all of them are MELATAH!! haha..and I am infected too..huh..infected of that contagious virus..the spreading of virus melatah..worsening among our youth and spreading tremendously nowadays. So, be careful with them. Their virus is much much much more worse than the H1N1 viruses! haha...

Here are some of our previous activity

This is my first activity with them; Bengkel Kepimpinan Belia KBP. They asked me to be one of the AJK. Ajk Permainan. He2..thanks God, I managed to organized a very very happening games! All the Youth are enjoyed!!

Next, this is me, as a presenter! haha.. I present the Kertas Kerja for our Youth Programme in front of Puan Anne Lasimbang (Pacos President) to get the greenlight and finance support around RM 7000. Once again, thanks God because I managed to present well and got the greenlight! Although I can't join them in the programme, but at least I have helped them to get the greenlight from the PACOS President. If I'm not mistaken, I've present more than 3 times for same Kertas Kertas to the youth, explaining and encouraging them to join. Huh...memang penat! But, in KBP, my tiredness is healed. Because, we makan a lot...hahaha..(makan nopo!!) I'm so sorry to the team because I can't join you all arr..I have to leave all of you because of my own journey of life..becoming future Doctor! Amen.

Look at me (with my laptop bag)! I just finished presenting to the youth about our programme at Moyog. And, we spent a few minute taking photos with the beautiful and amazing environment background at Sungai Moyog.

Next, after post-mortem, we mandi sungai!!!!!! At Sungai Babagon (yang cantik, bersih dan indah). I'm proud to be at Babagon (special message to Ricky)!

Three of this pictures are taken during our choir, praise and worship! The 1st and 2nd picture is taken during the Retret Kesedaran Suami-Isteri. Look at Gumie, tengah memperkemaskan 'sinanggul'. Hahaha..and the 3rd picture is taken during KBP Choir..amazing choir & good teamwork!!

Next, wahhh..Purun Kuala Penyu. We went there for Leadership training. And the best activity is; mokituntul (what tuntul in English arr??)

"Oiiiii pekerja, pigi mop!" hahahaha...This is what Gumie said after the pepsi tumpah and he melatah (kena cucuk)! Kesian pekerja tu...terus datang and mop the persi...Amaran: Kalo melatah, semua kami tidak mempunyai kemaluan (perasaan malu)..hahahahahhaha..funny and enjoy to be with them!

This picture is taken during the farewell party (KBP organized it for me) and after I sang a song (We are the Reasons) live and special for them. This is me with Christina. The KBP's advicer and team supporter!! She inspired me a lot. She shared a lot of things with me. And, I learnt a lot of things from her..mostly regarding our relationship with God and all about leadership!! Thanks Christina!

Being with them is one of the most precious moment I have. I will never forget them because they are so meaningful to me. And, I will always pray so that the God blessings will be always with them. Amen!