Sunday, November 18, 2012


I am sorry for the late updates!
Been busy.

So, what's now?

I think, today, the world is upside down.
They are suffering so much because there is very little love in the homes and in the family life.
We have no time for our children,
We have no time for each other,
And there is no time to enjoy with each other.

Love begins at home.
Love lives at home!
That's why, there is so much suffering and so much unhappiness in the world today.

Everybody seems to be in such a terrible rush, anxious for greater development, being rich, and so on.
Children have very little time with their parents.
Parents have little time for each other.
Thus, at home, begiins the distruption of the peace of the world.

More about LOVE:
if you judge people, you have no time to love them.

I tried to give to the poor people for love what the rich could get for money.
No, I wouldn't touch a leper for a thousand dollars!
Yet, I willingly cure him for the love of God.

I have found the paradox that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more LOVE!

I am not sure exactly what heaven will be like, but I do know that when we die, and it is the time for God to judge us,
he will NOT ask: how many good things have you done in your life? Rather he will ask, how much LOVE did you put into what you did?!

Being UNWANTED, UNLOVED AND UNCARED is now forgotten by everybody.
I think, that is a much greater hunger, a much GREATER POVERTY than a person who has nothing to eat.

The biggest disease today is not leprosy or tuberculosis, but rather the feeling of being unwanted.
There is MORE HUNGER in the world for love and appreciation, than for bread!

We think sometimes that poverty is only being hungry, naked and homeless.
The poverty of being unwanted, unloved and uncared, is the GREATEST POVERTY!
We must starts in our own homes to remedy this kind of poverty.

Do not think that love (in order to be genuine) has to be extraordinary.

Everytime you SMILE at someone, it is an ACTION of love, a GIFT to that person, and a BEAUTIFUL thing!

Do not wait for leaders: do it alone, person to person!

Okay, that's all for this time!
Thanks for reading.

 P/S: Inspired by Mother Teresa messages! God bless :)