Saturday, April 30, 2011

God LOVE you for who you are: Easter Balloon!

Last year, we made Easter Eggs! And, we came with a great testimony which really inspired those who were in that moment. 

This year (2011) Easter, we made 300 of Easter Balloons for KTTians! (With note sticked: God LOVE you for who you are). This is part of our Campus Revolution (with love) activity. Some people called it as a STRESS ball. I'm not sure why, but most probably is because of two matters:

- Either the Easter balloons can be shapen according to your feelings or moods on that particular moment, or
- Maybe because the Easter Balloons are too cute!

This is my Easter Balloon this year!

I haven't named it: Any suggestion?

My Teddy is not lonely anymore, he got a new friend!

All of these were made out of love and passion with care. Pleased to know that we gave out 300 Easter balloon in around 2 hours!

Not only giving out to Christian, but many unbelievers (Hindu, Buddha and some Muslim) took it due to its cuteness (maybe). Even the lecturers took it themselves, and felt touched! Edwin and I gave to our KI Indian Lecturers, and they felt appreciated! Love, love, LOVE! 

Some UITM (or Diploma), eh not sure la what course are them (but for sure, non A-Level or KI students) also were very excited to chose the cutest Easter Balloon for them (alaa, susah sangat nak pilih, bagus pilih saya ja! Hehe). And they asked, kenapa tak jual? Mesti dapat banyak untung!  

Well, LOVE is not to be sold, and it can't be bought either. It is free, but yet very expensive and purely precious too! Good job and thumbs up to all the juniors (and my batchmates too), you've shown the LOVE of Christ in this college! Hopefully you guys can do more to exercise your faith! 

Happy Easter everyone!

 For more pictures, 
click this link KTT CF Easter Balloon

Think about it: Realize!

To realize the value of a sister/brother:
Ask someone Who doesn't have one.

To realize the value of ten years:
Ask a newly divorced couple.

To realize the value of four years:
Ask a graduate.

To realize the value of one year:
Ask a student who has failed a final exam.

To realize the value of nine months:
Ask a mother who gave birth to a stillborn.

To realize the value of one month:
Ask a mother who has given birth to a premature baby.

To realize the value of one week:
Ask an editor of a weekly newspaper.

To realize the value of one minute:
Ask a person who has missed the train, bus or plane.

To realize the value of one second:
Ask a person who has survived an accident.

Time waits for no one:
Treasure every moment you have.

To realize the value of a friend or family member: 

Now I added few things that came up on my mind:

To realize the value for JPA Scholarship:
Ask a person who can't make it for A-level.

To realize the value of KTT:
Ask my batchmates who can't make it for KI.

To realize the art and the fun of performing:
Ask B-Shakers United!

To realize the value of friendship:
Ask those who's birthday was celebrated in KTT.

To realize about everything:
Read this, and start to think.

God Bless!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Tamil Night Performance!

Tamil Night was on the 20th April 2011.  
(Only now got change to post about this)
But now, the post is like 'bangas' already, so not much words. 
Just few pictures I wanna share. Enjoy!

From left: John, Victor, Me, and Xiang (Housemate!) 
Zhe Yan was busy somewhere.

We came earlier, and took this opportunity to pose first!
(You better do like this for every event,
if you plan to take pictureat the end of the event,
there will be many people around you. So, no privacy!

My group's performance! 
Members: Shana, Shalini, Carol, Christine & Zafrina (Girls). 
Khairul, Stephen, Maegyvear, John Lau, & Dennie (Boys).

We've celebrated Lavina's Birthday too!
Happy 20th Birthday, Lavina!

Posing again, after Tamil Night!

I enjoyed myself during our dancing performance! The best performance will be chosen to perform during our Graduation Day. Some group, they took this like a competition. But Carol (our choreographer) said that, no need to win. The most important thing is, we give the opportunity for everyone (especially to non-Indian) to get exposed with the culture. 

The best thing about my group was, not everyone can dance! Haha. That's why, even though we didn't get the best performance on that night, but I think, we are the best! Cause, everyone did their best! Thanks all!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tamil Night!

I'm busy preparing for Tamil Night. 
I'll be performing the Tamil Dance during
our Tamil Night on the 20 April 2011, Thursday!

I feel like I am in Tamil Dance Academy Class 
because everyday (most of the time), 
I'll be dancing
and dancing! 

Yay, I love it!

Suddenly, I remember about one reality TV Shows called
So You Think You Can Dance?

So, do you think you can dance?!

Don't ever underestimate Tamil Dance!
Because it is fun!!!

P/S: I can't wait for Tamil Night. As do Hindi Night, and Kannada Night!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


My Tamil Class is cancelled, so I'm blogging.

Last week, I had my Pertandingan Bahas. Our usul during that time was 'Penambahbaikan dan Penyelenggaraan Kemudahan Awam Perlu Diadakan secara Berkala'. And, we were the government team.

So, this is what we (and I) can conclude. First of all, we got number 4 (just 2 marks from the Third Place). We were disappointed and sad actually, because everyone expect us to win. We ourselves have a great confidence to win after our Bahas. Our lecturers (Miss Halimahtun and Miss Azidah) also have that great confidence that we will win. And EVEN THE OPPOSITION team (during our match), supported us towards the end of the debate competition. Why? Because they have prepared technically wrong. And, during the second round, they totally gave up.

Talking about second round, this Bahas format is a bit weird. We have 2 rounds in one time (this is what they; the opposition team misunderstood).

After our Bahas, other lecturers came to us and said we did well. They even invited us to join Bahas IPTA/IPTS around September this year. (Copying Eric: OMD!!!)

But, once the results were announced, the opposition team (which gave up to us) won! First place. And we got fourth.

Although we were disappointed with the results, but our lecturers congratulated us because we really did our best. And we lose because of the 'sistem perjurian'

I felt disappointed with the 'sistem perjurian', because:
1. The judges even confused about the format: I'm the one who corrected them while debating! (Yes, we are right based on the format that was explained during the briefing session). Judges pun malu-malu. Haiz!

2. Their format is like this; they didn't 'tolak' or 'terima' usul! But, they select the champion based on the total mark (ranking). This is unfair for all of the team. Debate shouldn't be like this! What if you opposition team is not good? How your marks will be? Its unfair to be like that.

3. What do you expect the judges to judge if during the 'sesi perbahasan' some of them went out to toilet? How can they listened to the points?? 

4. And, how do you expect them to judge if they change the judges in the middle of the perbahasan? This is totally weird and unfair. We are very sure that they are not the debate-real-judges. Just simply known people who have been given respect to judge us.

However, thanks to Capek, Huzai and Harry for giving a good cooperation and teamwork. Thanks to Miss Halimahtun and Miss Azidah for the great supports. Thanks to all of my friends who supported us too!

P/s: We look like the MAS-Junior-Stewards, sitting during our briefing session. Hehe.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mysore, India.

I know that this is a late post, but still I wanna share about it. And ya, we knew our placement at India on the 24th March, 2011.


I got JSS Medical College Mysore, India.

I've been praying to God about this. And, He had answered my prayer! I've prayed about 2 things actually. First, I can get the same placement together with my closest friends (housemates). Second, I've prayed so that God can give me a good placement, which got Church, nearer. 

BUT, we have to realise that God can't give you everything you wanted to. BECAUSE, He wants the best for you! And I think (and believe) that JSS Medical College Mysore India is the best for me! Though my closest friends got different placement, but I love Mysore! Thanks God.

 This is Catholic St. Philomena's Church, Mysore.
(Which is just 10 minutes from my University!)

The Palace!

This is some information about Mysore I took from Wikipedia:

Mysore is the second largest city in the state of Karnataka, India. Mysore was rated the second cleanest city in India in 2010 and the cleanest in Karnataka.

It is situated in the southern region of the state of Karnataka, at the base of the Chamundi Hills. The summer  season is from March to June, followed by the monsoon season from July to November and the winter season from December to February. The highest temperature recorded in Mysore was 38.5 °C on May 4, 2006, and in winter, temperatures as low as 9.6 °C have been recorded.

Mysore is a tourism hot spot within the state of Karnataka and also acts as a base for other tourist places in the vicinity of the city. The city receives the maximum number of tourists during the period of the Dasara festival when festivities take place for a period of 10 days.