Monday, November 30, 2009

The Holidays!!!

21st November 2009

AK 5110 is my flight to Sabah. The flight is suppose to be at 5.10pm. But, it was delayed because of some problems. Huh..but thanks God, I’ve reached my hometown safely. The first thing I did, eating!!! I love my hometown foods.

22nd November 2009

Sunday! 7.30am, my church started. The sharing from Fr. Jalius Sading was extremely awesome!!! After church, I was told that I am the MC for the Program Kesedaran & Penjagaan Alam Sekitar at Babagon! That programme was planned by us (KBP) for the youths in our area. 11 villages involve. The programme started at 11.00am.

We finished that programme around 4.00pm. We have sharing, gotong-royong, praise and worship, prayer, presentation and foods!!! After that, directly, I followed Flevia dan Christina to Kota Kinabalu for some talks, meetings and enjoying ourselves..hehe. Errmm..we stayed for a while at Christina’s house, I went to Pondok Tagal to meet with my friends, and came back home around 9.30pm. Huh..I haven’t unpacked my things yet.

23rd November 2009

Monday! I stayed at home that day because we have to prepare for my father’s Birthday Party!!! How was the party??? Ermm...simple party. First, I led the rosary prayer. After that, eating!!! We ate a special homemade chocolate cake, made by my eldest brother (He is a chef/pastry).

24th November 2009

Tuesday! I’ve planned to stay at home and spend my time with my siblings. We watched movies, laughing, cooking, cleaning house, and fighting. Hehe..that were the most amazing things you can do with a big family.

25th November 2009

Wednesday! What I did that day? Erm..mostly I spend with my friends. Cycling, exercising, playing volleyball with the youths...etc etc! Huh..I miss my childhood’s activities.

Actually that night, Christina asked me to lead a rosary prayer with my youths and give them some advices, talks and sharing. But, it was cancelled due to some reasons.

26th November 2009

Thursday! Dennie and Ricky smsed me to go out to 1Borneo. But sorry guys, because that day I have something to do.

I received message from Christina. She told me that we have urgent meeting. But I replied her, telling her that I cannot come because I have a choir practise. But, she said, I can also come after the practise. So, I came around 9.45pm. I felt weird because the first thing that I saw when we almost reached that ‘meetings’ venue was the lights (like pub/disco lights). What is this??? Huh..they cheated me! They have planned a surprise farewell party for me. Argghhh, I don’t know what to say..huhu..we have foods and open karaoke! We sangs until 3.30am!!!!!! Before we went back, Christina and the KBP team dedicated me a special song that make me cry (Kenangan Terindah)!!! Huhu..tersentuh!

I was thinking, what they did to me is more than enough. I think that I’m not deserve to all those things because I contribute nothing to them..huhu..but thanks guys!! May God bless you all..and continue to serve ya...

27th November 2009

Friday! I woke up late, 10.45am. Fortunately my sister woke me up. Today, we went out and watched movie: Me, Christina, Flevia, Rofino, Melly, Wilber and Clariece. We watched A Christmas Carol. Haha..that movie is a good movie for those who is greedy, do not understand why we celebrate Christmas and the egoist person! We went to Restaurant Juara and ate nasi ayam! After that, we went shopping at Servay Putatan. We spent our time happily that day! Thanks to Christina because she spent all of us during that day.

I came home around 7.00pm. I washed my face, change clothes and rushing to Church. We have prayer meeting that night (every Friday, in my church, we have prayer meeting). I help them in praise and worship. I’ve played keyboard for certain songs, and sang! I gave sharing also. We finished the Prayer Meeting around 9.30pm.

Sorry to Leslie and Baxter as I’m too tired to meet them to transfer pictures and movies. I don’t have enough sleep, and too tired for the whole day’s activities. Sorry ya..

28th November 2009

Saturday! Uncle Marcus invited me to go for wedding’s party at...I forgot already where is that place (tamparuli i think). Flevia also invited me to Annabell’s wedding at Pusat Kebudayaan Penampang. But, I simply say no to that. I cannot go (although I want too) because I prefer to spent my precious and limited time with my family. That day, we went out and have dinner together. Awesome time!!!

That night, I went to church for choir practise.

29th November 2009

Sunday! Happy Birthday to Asyraf @ Decha and Amy Lyneatte.

I went to church, spend time by eating mee sup with Gumie, Nestor and Mel. All of them are among my special friends, who have special talents!!! The most wonderful thing being with them are, you will be happy all the times!!! Because they are happy-go-lucky friends that I have. Melatah is for sure..haha...

Huhh..this day is my last day for holiday. AK 5123 is my flight (was delayed again). Thank you to the youths, KBP and also my family for spending your precious time with me during my holiday. I’m so sorry if I cannot spend most of my time with all of you. I wish I could, but the holiday is too short. As it is not enough for me being with them.

I’m emotionally not stable that day, as I am too sad to leave them once again. Life is like that! But, whatever happens, there is a reason for that. By the way, I can conclude that I have such an awesome holiday this time. See you guys again next year (February, 2010).

Saturday, November 21, 2009

My seniors

The seniors are leaving. Today is my last with them. Huh...the college might be boring without them.

My seniors are awesome and very nice!!!!
- Daniel gave me his 3in1 drinks, books, file and a lot of his stuffs.
- Keshan gave me his broken table!!! But still can be use and the broken part is actually very small one...haha
- Cheng gave me his book shelf.
- His housemate gave me a "cupboard" (how to say arr?? because it is not really a book shelf and not really a cupboard. But a bit likes cupboard la). I have a lot of bookshelf I borrow it to John and Xiang/Ali; my housemate.
- Zeff gave me his AS books and A2 books!!! Although he used it for a year, but it still ok and look like freshly bought from Uncle Beh!!!
- Wan gave me his maths book (then, I must take maths!!!)
- Christine gave me a few books.
- Aileen gave me her books (a few also).
- Evanca gave me her books (actually as my rewards because she asked me to bring her stuff back to Sabah!!!).
- Susu taught me a lot how to become a leader!!!!

The best thing is: all of those things I got it for FREE!!!!

Friday, November 6, 2009


Last Tuesday (3rd November 2009), I have sprained my ankle!!! I tell you, it was extremely painful. And, that was not easy. That night, I can't even walk/step or use my left leg to walk!!! Imagine, how suffered I am when I go to the toilet, taking bath, or even just to move from my study table to my bedroom. I better jump like a Pocong rather than walking. But thanks God, everything last in only a day!!

Thank you to Jin Xiang for supporting and helping me to go to any classes. My classmates, my friends, CF committee, and the Lecturers!!! Thank you also to Eshabell and Claressa for suggesting (actually forcing) me to use their traditional liquid to reduce swelling and relieve sprains. Thank you for those who sms me, supporting and giving advices!!! I received many sms during that night. Some of them, I can't even reply (no credit anymore)!!!

Sorry for those who advised/forced/suggested me to go to hospital/clinic because I didn't go. Although I am going to become a doctor in the future, but I am a type of "keras kepala" person if you ask me to go to hospital/clinic. Haha..not because I hate hospital, but I don’t like being treated/injected/'molest'ed by the doctor. Especially on my legs!!! Haha...ok, God bless you all!