Friday, September 17, 2010

Babai Sabah!

I'm coming back to college tomorrow;
My flight is at 6.05am!!!

I had so much fun during this holiday.
But sometimes, feel sad and worry too.
I'm not sure whether I'm wasting my time,
or I should do so before I start back my battle!

2 weeks holiday is not enough for me;
to spend my time with my family and friends.

But, 2 weeks holiday is killing me too.
Final exam is exactly 40 more days!
Think positive, everything gonna be fine.

What should I say about my holiday?
Erm. I'm too packed, until I can't even have a chance to blog.
So, that is my holiday!

I'm coming back to college with new hopes! New-fresh-healed feelings from failure and disappointment. God, help me to start it back with hope, faith and love.

See you guys!
God Bless.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Selamat Hari Raya!

I'm not Muslim. But, I'm really glad to wish all my Muslim Friends, Teachers (primary or secondary), Lecturers, Bloggers, and to all who know my existence;

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Simple Updates!

Sekarang adalah musim buah-buahan. Yeah! I have a lot of fruits here. Buah Cempedak, Buah Langsat, Buat Rambutan, Buat Mangga! Oh my goodness.

I've realised something; saya semakin pendiam dan pemalu.
Don't try to argue!

2 weeks holiday is awesome! But, risky. 49 more days before real A2!

I can't wait for the Party Sausage we have planned last night!

MegaLong, bersabar! I will come later.

I want to karaoke!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sad. But, relieved!

Can I say that one of the most toughest thing to do in our life is to make a decision? Once you made it, there is no more turning back. About the risks waiting ahead, it is up to you how you gonna handle it with care later.

Since Sunday, my parents asked (actually a bit forcing and urging me) to change my ticket from 12hb to 18hb. I don't want! Because, I don't like to waste money. Next, I'm worry about my study. At home, there is a lot of temptation waiting ahead. I can't study. Exam is just around the corner. I brought my Chemistry and Biology books, but haven't touched yet. Why? I don't have the motivation to study at home. I prefer to relax and 'meditate' here.

But just now, as what I've promise to myself before, the price of the ticket on 18hb dropped! I was thinking, should I? But yet, still I can't decide it clearly. Then, I called my mother and listened to her advices. So, without further thinking, I changed my ticket! Oh my goodness. I'm so so so sad! But after a while, there is something that I've realised, and feel relieved about it.

1. Money is not the matter. We can find/dig for money. But, life and time with you family is much more precious.

2. If I come back on 12, I'm burdening myself to think about the transportation from KLIA to KTT. I'm burdening myself to think about how I'm gonna enter KTT. And, I'm burdening the warden to handle this matter. Basically, I'm burdening a lot of people. (I don't like to burden others. I prefer to carry that burden myself even though I seriously need helps about it. That is me.)

3. I'm torturing myself badly actually. Because of the facts that I have to face through, I have tortured and punished myself by killing the happiness in which I deserve to get in my life. Reality is harder than fantasy!

4. If I come back on 18, I can spend much more time with my family. Especially, with my brother, Melter who is going to sit for his UPSR on 22 September. I do hope that I can bring miracles on him by giving him intensive tuition. He is poor academically. I'm worry about him. I think that I am selfish if I go back on 12, because I just think about my needs, not his needs. I'm sorry brother.

5. My friend, Joeffery, adviced me to just follow what my parents adviced me to do. And, even my elder sister, Marcela, said the same think. Who knows, my parents instinction bring something meaningful? Who knows that maybe something bad gonna happened if I come back on 12? Parents are gifted in this kind of matter. So, it is better for me to just follow their order.

I'm sad actually. But, I feel relieved about it.

Thanks to all my friends who did help me by giving their own opinion about this matter. I really appreciate it! May God bless you all. Take care. Happy Holiday!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Monday (6 September 2010)


Yesterday, during Church, I challenged my younger brother to give all that he had in pockets for the offering in Church. He got Rm1.00. And felt so sad to give all of them. Of course la, budak-budak bah tu. But then, surprisingly, he did it! Yeah! I was touched to what he did. Then, I gave him back double. Rm2.00.

Yesterday also I gave new MP3 to my younger sister, Margaret. Why? To support her in SPM. As one of the motivational gift for her la. She likes musics just how I look at musics. So, I know exactly how she feels about this. So, my elder sister, Marcela, and I decided to buy her a new MP3. Thanks to John Lau for helping me to buy it online. With that MP3, I hope she can improve her study even better. She is staying in hostel. So, life they should probably be boring. (I think so). Enjoy your life sis!

I'm coming back to college on 12 September. But, my Mom and Dad asked me to change it to 18 or 19 September. I'm hardly thinking about this. Maybe, for other people, they will surely and directly change their ticket. Plus, my parents said that they will pay for it. However, in my situation is different. First of all, I don't want to waste money to buy that new ticket. (If the price drop, maybe I can consider). Second, I'm worry! If too much holiday, it is not good for me. I want to study and revise. A2 is just around the corner. But yet, I still can't master all the topics taught by the lecturers.

However, I wanted to stay a bit longer too. Because, this year, my brother will be sitting for UPSR, and my sister will be sitting for SPM. I want to spend much time on teaching them as much as I can. I wanted them to achieve the greatest achievement they are able to reach. As a brother, it is my happiness to see them happy.

I'll surrender everything to God then.


This evening, I received a message from Miss Azidah (lecturer in college). She told me that on 22 September, KTT is having MegaRaya. And, they have decided in meeting to choose to be the emcee. What? Me? Erm. I can't say no, but I hope things can be changed. However, if they really put trust in me, then, I will just do my best! It's not a big deal for me, because I used to be emcee for many events before; Unduk Ngadau, Pesta Maggi, Pesta Tagal, Pesta Kaamatan, KFC Events. So, I get familiar in handling events. But, I just worry about the languange I'm gonna use. Huh. Nevermind. 

But this one, I don't really take it seriously. The dilemma of changing my ticket is more harder for me now.

On Sunday, I went to mandi sungai!!! Together with few of my friends. I can swim, how about you? Hehe. It was extremely fun! Here is some pictures of it. (I'm sorry, my handphone's camera is only 2MP). Enjoy:

Saturday, September 4, 2010


My flight was delayed from 6.30pm to 7.15pm. Tapi apa saya peduli! Because, the most important thing is, I'm going back Sabah!

I met with few known friends in Airport yesterday. My Smeshian; Juniors: Adzmin, Khairuddin, Aisyah?? (Forgot her name), My batchmate; Natrah, Seniors; Khairunnisa Ghani. My Exposure Programme Friend; Bessima. And, I'm in the same flight with: Ricky, Sarah, Erna, Via, and Amee.

Let me tell you something: This is my worst-landing flight! The aeroplane bumped onto the land, and then almost lost it stability! I was holding my sit tightly. And, the only word that came out from my mouth is: GOD! Thanks God, everything was fine! Huh (Relieved).

Now, I'm home. Thank you very very much to my siblings for cleaning up my room. I'm too tired to do so, but really thanks them for cleaning without being asked to do so. Nanti saya belanja kamu! When I reached home, I ate first, then went to sleep! My dinner a.k.a supper was super nice! Even though it is simple, but I really missed home made food. Especially cooked by me parents. Love it!

Ricky messaged me: "Saya terdengar ni aunty melatah 'eh tonton bapa!'. Terus baru la saya rasa sudah sampai Sabah." I really like that message! I'm at Sabah now. Can't believe it! (Ceh, emosi habisss).

To my beloved juniors and friends in KTT, wait for you time later. To make you guys jealous:

I'm in Sabah now!

Hehe. Take care then.
Happy Holiday!

Friday, September 3, 2010

3 September 2010

I just been officially finished with my Pre-A2 Examination today!
Feel so relieved.
Life is messing up with few things that suddenly came together, 
which for sure overloaded me.
Now, I'm counting down the hours for going back to Sabah!
This is the time that I'm hardly waiting for; HOLIDAY!

People ask me; what will you do during the holidays?

Well, first of all, I want to spend most of my time with my family! First list listed!! Next, 1 week intensive tuition to my younger brothers and sisters! As do I, revision. Huhu. By hook or by crook, I have to. And not forgotten, time with my friends and youth; yesterday they called me already. They have 'booked' me for youth activities! Saturday night, 7.00pm; Pray-Over at one of my friend house. Okay. What else? Erm. I will buy a lot of food, and eat together with my family. I will cook a special chicken curry for them, and eat happily (wow). No matter what happen, Family come first (and not forgotten; God almighty).

I think the microphone and the loudspeaker at my home is hardly missing me already; karaoke! Yes! Also noted down. Haha. Olly and Eon (my beloved cousins) who will surely cry in smiles later (I think so), wait for me ya!

Huh. Can't wait! 6.30pm is my flight.
AK5112 AirAsia.
And guess what, my ticket's price this time is
RM26.00 only!
Rm 6.00 for tax, and Rm 20.00 for luggage.

-Look down here-


For your information (this is not an important information by the way, but I don't care; I still want to tell you), I came here (KTT) 55kg. My first semester, I loss 5kg. Then, gain 2kg (yeah). But sadly to say, I loss 2 kg, again! Huhu. Why? I don't know. Maybe because I puasa also??? Hehe. 
I am already underweight now.
Mum & dad, don't kill me with food later ya.

But, how come arr? I ate a lot. More than Ricky! But, I loss weight much than him. (He gained weight by the way). Haha!

Nevermind la. I don't care about it. Unless I have someone special, then I have to take care about myself then. Hehe. My statement: Selagi Wawasan 2020 belum tercapai, selagi itulah saya remain solo.

Okay guys. I'm crapping a lot here. Sorry
By the way, HAPPY HOLIDAY to all of you. Selamat Berpuasa, and HAPPY COMING HARI RAYA! Maaf Zahir & Batin.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hari Kemerdekaan Ke-53

Who said KTT is boring???
31 August; we did the Count Down for Merdeka, with lot of students at Bintang Walk! Firstly, I asked them to be in lines; Macam Perbarisan gitu. Then, we prayed for Malaysia; Christian Prayer by I-Vonne Lim. And, Muslim prayer recited by Faruqi. Its awesome! No matter what religion we are, but still, we managed to come and pray together; 1Malaysia!

Next, Tugu Negara (KTT Version) photography session! I asked all the representative for each races to take picture together, symbolising 1Malaysia. I love multiracial country!!

Arun (India), Ricky (Mix-Sabahan), Doris (Chinese), Maegyvear (Kadazan),
Mark (Penjajah?), Faruqi (Melayu), Amy (Mix-Sarawakian)

We sang Negaraku, Tanggal 31, Keranamu Malaysia, Jalur Gemilang, and not forgotten, the count down: 7 times laungan MERDEKA!

Not only celebrating Hari Kemerdekaan,
but we also celebrated Jude's Birthday! 
Happy Birthday Jude!!!

Last event of that night, photography session! 1Malaysia. 
I love Malaysia.

As a conclusion, who said KTT is boring? KTT is the most awesome college I ever had! Thanks God for the opportunity of being here. If you said KTT is boring, it is YOU actually who made it to be boring.

Last but not least, 
"1Malaysia; Menjana Transformasi"


I got my IELTS Result yesterday!
And, I really THANKS GOD!
I pass my IELTS, Band 7.0

Thank you very-very much to my IELTS lecturer: Madam Izzati,
all my English teachers, and not forgotten, my supportive friends!

Congratulation to few of my friends who managed to make it well!
All the Band 8.5 scorers:
Thanneer, Tan Kwan Tsien, Ricky and..
Opps. Sorry, I forget the other one.
Malay girl if not mistaken.

By the way,
congratulation to all candidates for IELTS August/September 2010!