Saturday, May 5, 2012

Something happened!

It takes around 15 minutes duration by cycling.
But just imagine if your bicycle broke in the middle of your way?

You can still walk, maybe takes around 45 minutes to reach your destination.
But, it was a highway.
At night, no lights!
With all the unknown people around you!
And somehow, my local friends here told me that;

"Don't walk alone in the night at a place where there is no one can see you.
If not, either your money will gone,
or you will lose your virginity (if applicable to a guy also!)"

It happened to me today.
My bicycle broke!
I tried to fix it many times, but its still not working.
Its dark somemore, how am I suppose to see which part need to be fixed?

I cried out in my prayer, nothing happen.
Then I decided to walk!

But then, suddenly a guy came, asking me in Kannada Language 'what happen?'.
He offered help, but at first I refused!
(Nanti saya kena rogol! Lelaki sini jangan kau percaya seratus peratus!)
But then, thinking about the risk if I walk which is even higher,
so I accepted his helps.

He send me by his motorbike,
with me (at the back) holding the bicycle at the right side of my arm.
(Can you imagine this?!)

It was imbalance!
And we almost got into an accident!
But thanks God, I reached hostel safely.

Then I realised something,
"Not everyone good, and not everyone bad"

P/S: May God bless that guy! Thanks God!


Anonymous said...

laki tu mau rogol kamu tapi dia kehabisan cara apabila sudah sampai di sini

Maegyvear said... la, he is such a nice guy, I asked him to drop me before I reached my hostel because it was seriously imbalance, dangerous to both of us.

Ellye Evangelista said...

"Nanti saya kena rogol! Lelaki sini jangan kau percaya seratus peratus!"

ahaaa...nice one!! lucu oo ni..paling..

Maegyvear said...

Ellye, kalau kau dtg sini, baru kau tau mcm mana situasi dia. lelaki sama lelaki jalan di tepi2 jalan sambil pigang2 tangan...ermm...hahha