Monday, December 13, 2010

Ujian Undang-undang Komputer

I made it!
Yeah, I got 49/50! Huh. If only I can get 50/50???
Never mind la. 1 mistake only. Still, thanks God!

And, there is something that I wanna share here. I went to RILEK Donggongon (the place where I took the computer test). I sat on Computer Number 8. (Kira di hujung-hujung sudah!). And, there is a guy sitting at Computer 7.

I started the test with Ujian Buta Warna: Yes, Lulus! Then, Ujian Nombor-nombor; again: Yes, Lulus! But when I started Ujian Undang-undang, the guy at Computer 7 was nervous and kept on saying:
"Kenapa tidak bergerak ne? Geng, tulung geng!"

I was confused either to help him or just ignore him. Because, there is a camera there! And  it was strictly reminded that we can't communicate!

But still, I looked at him and told him:
"Masukkan nombor IC dan untuk status: Klik pada Orang Awam Malaysia" 
(Suara dengan nada pekerja kaunter!)

Then, I focused back on my test. Gosh, I wasted my time. Huh.

But, he kept on saying "Kenapa ni? Kenapa ni?" 
I helped him. But until the third time, I can't concentrate on my test, so calmly I told him,
"Lebih baik encik berjumpa dengan kakak di kaunter tu ya". But actually, I was stressed that time because I can't really focus and wasted my time. There is few more minutes left!

Huh. He went and met her. Actually, that guy do not know how to use computer. I wonder whether he pass the test or not.

Kasihan jugalah tengok lelaki tu! I wanted to help him, but I can't! At the same time, I was concentrating on my own test.

But really thanks God, I got 49/50!
Beating my elder brother and sister: They got 48/50 and 47/50 last time!

P/S: Some people out there need our help. Sometimes, we got angry! But, be professional. And, try your best first to help him. Need to be reminded also that, we can't help everyone. And, we can't solve everything. There is something that we need to left behind. BUT, always asked yourself: if you in that kind of situation (the guy), how do you feel if people ignored you? 

That is how they will fill too.

God Bless.

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Anonymous said...

Wow..u passed the test. I'm going to take the test next week. I feel very nervous..hope my brain works well at that time. :D